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Gerard Way drawing

What do you think about it???? =) =) I just made it

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Why do you LOVE MCR????

There are a lot of reasons to LOVE MCR, but I would like to know your reasons!!!!
Please comment!!!! =) <3 <3

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My drawing of Marshall Lee always reminds me of Gerard Way

This drawing of Marshall Lee that I´ve made, always reminds me of Gerard!!!! they are both very cute!!!!

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OMG, i´m tired and I need to sleep, I know it´s kind of early but I´ve had a long day and I´m sleepy!!!!
Well, I think I´ll go to sleep right now!!!


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Hey guys!!! I´m back. And It´s almost Christmas!!!

Finaly, after many days of work, school, and a lot of other things, I´m finaly back, very soon I´ll be posting more cool MCR drawings for you to see!!! =) =) Oh yeah, and It´s almost Christmas Day, YAY!!! and I don´t know what to ask for, give me you´re opinion please, see you later, bye and...

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! =)

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Miss you all!!!

Hey guys, haven´t see you for a few days, I miss all of you sooooooo much!!!!!!
Hope to see all of you soon, witn another of my MCR drawings.!!!
See you soon, LOVE YOU ALL!!! =) <3

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Like my CAT???

His name Is BABY, and he gets happy when I sing him My Chemical Romance song´s.!!!

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Third One!!!!

Well, this Is another MCR drawing, In this case it´s a Gerard Way drawing that I´ve made

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My big debut with my dance group!!!

Yesterday was my dance debut with my new dance group called **RAY DANCE** and it was very fun, dancing with my new friend in front of alot of people looking. the theme of the dance was the movie GREASE. Very Very FUN!!!!!!!!!

The one with purple skirt is me!!! =)

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Hey, totaly cool, Gerard Way on Kerrang!