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Mohawk Monday 1

So, earlier I was pissed off beause its Mondays and I hate Mondays. So I asked for some ideas of things to do through this site to make Mondays a little better, and someone came up with the idea of Mohawk Mondays: where we post pictures of awesome mohawks. I love mohawks adn I used to have that kind of hairstyle, so I'm gonna start by posting the kind of mohawk hairstyle I used to have.
(Thank you to M. Giselle for the idea!) :D Happy Mohawk Monday

Stay beautiful, keep it ugly, motorbabies!
~InsanePeridot xoxo

Add your killjoy name and repost

Forever Kis$ed Under Byte miss.chief Star Nitro Nightmare Amplified Suicide Alkaline Child Stardust Specter the fullmetal killjoy 10. Cherry Bomb krooked klymene razorblade disco marshmallow grenade Retro Rebel Ash americana pyro child Vinyl Rabbit Agent Revenge Lurid Kid 20.White Crayon Killshot Delirium Exterminator Cola Ritalin Raygun Honeybee Lethal Toast Retro Glory CosmoQueen heart eater Pinky Pain 30. Dirty Birdy Butane Brat Jazz Bullets Tempo Thief Jett Light Handguns Galore Cyanide revenge Toxic Timebomb Adrenaline Revolution Mad bullet 40. Phaser-Laser Atomic Enigma Silver

Why are mondays so fucking shit?

I hate Mondays. It is the worst day of the week. So I was thinking that maybe we should all do something on through this site every Monday... you know, to spice things up a bit. I don't kow what yet, but you guys can help me out! Just leave any ideas (if you have any) in the comments :D

Look alive, killjoys.
~InsanePeridot xoxo


I was sitting remenicing with my dad today about when I was younger and how much of a little rocker I was. My dad was a total punk and he loved bands like the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and the Clash and stuff like that and he tried to get me and my siblngs into rock music. None of them bothered with it, but I did. So I'd like to thank him for getting me into rock music. If he didn't introduce it to me, I wouldn't have discovered great bands like MCR. So thanks, dad :D. You're awesome!

Rock on, Motorbabies!
~InsanePeridot xoxo

The Umbrella Academy

I love comics and I just can't stop reading the Umbrella Academy. I LOVE it. And my fave character is The Boy (or Number Five). He's fucking awesome.

'Curiously I was unmoved by my work. Unaffected by the act of murder, I had become entirely numb. I couldn't understand how such detachment was possible-- but I did some digging.
What I discovered would have horrified me... if I was capable of being horrified. My augmentation had included the binding of my DNA to some of history's most notorious assassins.
Are you not getting this?


I have the flu. And it sucks. Big time. But I don't feel as bad as I did yesterday. Wanna know why? I just found my Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge CD that I lost ages ago and I've been listening to that and I feel a bit better. The stuff MCR does for me, and they don't even know it.
They've saved me so many times. I know its been said before, but they really did save me. God, words aren't even enough to thank them. You never know, I might just sing a song for them if I ever get to actually meet them in person. MCR, you guys are just fucking awesome. You are just incredible.
Oh man, now I'm

Happy Birthday, Kerry!

Its my big sister's birthday. She's 22 today and this is my little shout out to her <3 xoxo

Christmas Shopping

I went out Christmas shopping with my twin brother yesterday to get some presents for people and I was about to go into HMV for a Hunger Games callendar, When I saw Forbidden Planet. It was like heaven. I ended up getting myself some Death Note stuff, some Watchmen stuff, the graphic novel versions of The Umbrella Academy and a Nightmare Before Christmas cushion. I'm just a great Christmas shopper, aren't I? Lol. But the graphic novels of the Umbrella Academy are good, so... I don't feel that guilty. Hehe!

Told you I was sick

Yeah... I didn't tell you I was sick... but oh well. But I am actually sick. I suffer from headaches, and when I get them, I end up sick and dizzy and earache and I get a runny nose and a cough, too. Lucky me, eh? I keep going to write something good, but these headaches are clouding my brain. So all you are getting is me telling you about my sickness. Sorry, guys. I'm listening to some MCR to get my brain workling properly again :). And I'm starving, haven't eaten in like two days cause I actually can't taste anything. I might have some toast and nutella!

Keep running, killjoys.

So long and Goodnight

Just had some bad news, guys. I won't share what it is yet... I need to get my head around it first. I guess I'm just in shock... but I know my family, firends and mcr will help me through it. They always have. I guess I'm just posting on here to take my mind off of things... Well, it looks like I'll be listening to Helena on repeat for a while.

Keep your boots tight, motor babies.