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Mohawk Monday 3

Sorry, I forgot to post this yesterday... AGAIN!
But it was Hogmanay and all... and I was celebrating... and watching Criminal Minds... and reading my Umbrella Academy comics :D!
So here it is: Awesome Mohawk Number 3!

Keep the faith
~InsanePeridot xoxo


Its now 2013 here in Scotland! Hogmanay is OVER! And so is 2012. Not the best year for me, but not the worst either. Lets just say, things are gonna change for me. I'll make sure they do

Currently sitting in my aunts bringing in the bells with my family. And doing Gangnam Style with my twin brother.
Happy New Year, everyone!
Welcome to 2013!
Good luck to all of you and to you, MCR!
Hope you guys have a tour this year! Cause I'll be there with bells on!

Love you all <3
~InsanePeridot xoxo

Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?

I think that MCR should make a new T-shirt.
I saw the trailer for SING on youtube and it said 'Would you destory something perfect on order to make it beautiful?' I know they are doing new stuff now, but I thought the message in this question is meaningful (:
I'll show you my desgin and tell me if you like it! Feedback makes my day!

Love you, dudes.
~InsanePeridot xoxo

Mohawk Monday 2

I totally forgot this week's mowhawk monday! I was so busy on Christmas Eve and I forgot, so Imma do it now :D! Feel free to post a pic or two ofa cool mohawk (:
This one is particularly awesome.

Stay Beautiful. Keep It Ugly.
~InsanePeridot xoxo

Green Day

I got Uno! and Dos! by Green day for my Christmas and there is a song called 'Amy' on Dos!. Which is cool because that's my name. It's a different spelling, because mines is Aimee, but it's still cool, anyway. And there is a song called Ashley on it as well, which is my big sister's name and she likes Green Day, too. Awesome (:

Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

Keep running, killjoys. And don't ever give a fuck!
~InsanePeridot xoxo

P.S. You shoud check out these Green Day albums if you haven't already, they're great XD.

Merry Christmas

Hope you have all had a rocking day so far. Hope Santa was good to you all. Did you get lots of black T-Shirts? And Band Merch?

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. (That goes for you, too, MCR)
And a Happy New Year.

~InsanePeridot xoxo

School of rock, anoyone?

Just watched Scool of Rock. I actually forgot how fucking awesome this film is. How great is Jack Black?! I used to listen to Tenacious D back in the day... I feel so old saying that and I'm only 16, lol. Tribute is the best. Hey, anyone know who plays Zack in this film? He is one heck of a guitar player, man. I wonder if he still plays...

Rock on, motorbabies (:
~InsanePeridot xoxo

School of Rock, anyone?

Just watched School of Rock. I actually forgot how awesome that film is. And how fucking great is Jack Black? I used to listen to Tenacious D back in nthe day, lol. Feel so old saying that... and I'm only 16. My fave song by them is Tribute. What Tenacious D song do you guys like? The guy called Zack in the film that plays the guitar is epic, man. Anyone know who plays him?
Just gotta say... I fucking love the song Teacher's Pet!

Rock on, crashqueens.
~InsanePeridot xoxo

Lay down!

This is the Official Soundtrack to my life story. Just thought I'd do one cause I've seen a few of these...

Opening credits: Holiday by Green Day - FUCK YEAH!

Waking up: You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison by MCR - Yep, definately awake

Falling in love: The Only Hope for Me is You by MCR - :)

Fight song: This Song is a Curse by Frank Iero - AWESOME

Breaking up: Disencanted by MCR -

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Its my other big sister's birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!
~Your little sis, InsanePeridot (or Aimee) xoxo