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Mohawk Monday 5

Mohawk Monday numer 5... on a Tuedsay...
Can you just check out the picture? Please?
I know I forgot to post this yesterday, but it's early and I'm tired and I''m curently trying to read The Hobbit.
Not sure if this girl is wearing a wig or not... What do you guys think?

Love you, dudes.
~Insane Peridot xoxo

I'm up early! Goddamn it!

Its like 7.30am over here in Scotland and I'm up. And I don't start work til 2.00pm. I'm so fucking tired. Have you ever been so tired that you can't sleep? Cause that's the way I'm feeling right now. And its so fucking cold outside! It feels like it's minus 50 degrees or something!
I'm sorry for the bullshitting, but its early and I had a bad dream. I dreamt that Ray cut all of his lovely hair off. Not Good. At All.
Fuck this shit, imma go and read The Hobbit. May as well do something productive...
Time to invade Middle Earth! Look out, Gollum! You've met your match!

See ya's on the other


My first week back at work has been tough, but now it's Friday! And I'm going to see the Hobbit with my good pal Chloe tonight. And I get to get out of the house away from the 'rents for a few hours. I feel giddy now. Like I'm high on Fridays or something. Lol. I need to try and find some lilac har dye, too. I'm feeling brave. Dunno where to get it, though.
Sorry for ranting on aout a lot of shit, by the way. You guys are awesome!

Rock on, dudes.
~InsanePeridot xoxo

Dad's being an ass

Dad's being an ass with my mother, so that means that she is being an ass with me and my brother. My dad can be so bitter sometimes. I remember when he was calling me names once, and my mum didn't even stick up for me. She just sat there. And half the time they do't even bother with us. They are always at my other sister's house. I just want a mum and dad that actually gives a shit, you know?

Yeah... sorry for the rant. But I had to get it out of my system. I feel a bit better now.
I'm glad I have my music and the MCRmy. I'm glad I joined this army. This family.

Keep running, killjoys.


I'm in a Foo Fighter's mood today and I''ve been watching their videos.
They're fucking great!
But now I'm in the mood for some Footos candy.
Hm.....maybe I could buy some with my Foo Fighter's money!

(The video ain't mine, it belongs to the Mighty FF's. Wish it was mine, though...)

Moira Anderson

56 years ago, 11 year old Moira Anderson was running an errand for her mother in Coatbridge, a little town outside of Glasgow (where I live). Then she went missing. They suspected a bus driver (and later a convicted peadophile) had taken her. But the case later went cold. The bus driver told his young daughter that he killed Moira and what he did with her body. Apparently he dumped her body in an open grave, where best friend was to be buried. The police did a radar on the grave and found that there is something there that isn't supposed to be there.

Mohawk Monday 4

I actually remembered to post this on a MONDAY. WOOOHOOOOO!
Check this mowhak out. It's fucking epic!

Farewell, my friends.
~InsanePeridot xoxo

Killjoy Registary - Copy and Reblog with name at the bottom

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I can't sing... according to my cat

Today I was bored, so I started to sing The A Team by Ed Sheeran. Really loudly. And when I walked out into the hall, my cat started to hiss at me. Bailey has never hissed at me before, so I guess it was because I was singing. What a cheeky git!

That darn cat. Lol.

Keep the faith.
~InsanePeridot xoxo

The Smashing Pumpkins, anyone?

How fucking awesome are the Smashing Pumpkins? They are an inspiring band :) This was one of the bands that got me into rock music. I turn up the TV or the radio full blast whenever I hear them. Their best song is Tonight Tonight, in my opinion.

Rock on peeps :).
~InsanePeridot xoxo