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Nothing like watching funny stuff from the cast of The Hobbit to get you in a good mood for work. I love James Nesbitt. One of my fave actors of all time :)

Just to make this clear: I don't own the video! ITS NOT MY PERCIOUS! Sorry, totally had a Gollum moment there...

God's Speed, killjoys
~Insane Peridot xoxo


I have an appointment for a cut and blow dry on Friday, and I don't even have a clue what to do get done to my hair. Oh the joys! I am honestly fucking clueless. Any of you lovely and beautiful people have any suggestions? Preferably short styles. Thanks, you guys are the best!

Keep it ugly, tumbleweeds.
~Insane Peridot xoxo

I'm all giddy!

I just fucking love The Hobbit and LOTR!
Thank fuck for J.R.R Tolkein and Peter Jackson. They are my inspirations (along with MCR), hands down!
I just finished reading The Hobbit and I feel like I could kill a dragon and defeat all of the evil in this world! Oh man, I'm high on Hobbit pipe-weed! HAHAHA!
The Hobbit has saved me from being angry at all the shit going down on this site.
I suggest you guys read it. It'll make you feel better!
I would give my limbs to meet Peter Jackson in all of his New Zealand awesomeness!

May your sword stay sharp.
~Insane Peridot xoxo

Might as well, since everyone elses has...

Okay about the whole Mikey thing... I know that there's been lots of these posted, but I wanna get my opinion across since just about everyone else has.
People just need to back the fuck off. Let him and the other people involved deal with it. I don't even know much about what's happening, just what I've seen on the internet.
But what I'm saying is that everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE DOES!
Fuck, I could wrote a book on all the mistakes I've made with like 50 chapters!
Just let him deal with it and stop being kids and sending him hate mail!
It hasn't really got anything to do with anyone

Monday Nights Are Gonna Be A Lot Sweeter From Now On!

Well, Criminal Minds Season 8 is finally starting here in the UK at 9.00pm on Monday!
But some of you lucky Americans have already seen it, haven't you?
It's the love of my life.. after MCR, of course... and music... and art... and Lord of the Rings... and The Hobbit... and Comic Books :)
Can't wait to see Dr Spencer Reid again, he's my favourite character. He's very interesting. He reminds me a bit of my brother... all knowledge, but not that much imagination.

Just thought you had to know!

Just keep swimming!
~Insane Peridot xoxo

Monday Nights Are Gonna Be Sweeter!
Monday Nights Are Gonna Be Sweeter!
Monday Nights Are Gonna Be Sweeter!

Criminal Minds Season 8 is starting in the UK on Monday at 9.00pm!
But some of you lucky Americans have already seen it, haven't you?
Its the love of my life... after MCR, LOTR, The Hobbit, Music, Comic Books and Art (:

Just though you had to know!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...
~Insane Peridot xoxo

Randomness :)

Just applied for college... again. Applied for a Social Sciences and an Animation and Design Course. Hope I get the latter, though...

Just thought you outta know!
I LOVE THE HOBBIT! KILI AND FILI ARE AWESOME! - bit of randomness there.

Love ya's
~Insane Peridot xoxo

Everybody Hide

Move your body when the sunlight dies
Everybody hide your body from the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
Everybody hide

Run like fuck, bunnies! Run! The fucking S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S are coming!

May the Force be with you, my killjoy knights.
~Insane Peridot xoxo