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God Complex

Currently watching a new episode of Criminal Minds that I recorded called 'God Complex'. It's... creepy to say the least. Its about this guy who is cutting people's legs off and attaching them to other people. How fucked up is that? I take that back, its not creepy... it's downright fucking scary! But I sill love it. Criminal minds FTW!
On a much brighter side, our boy genius Reid had been talking to a girl on the phone who analysed his MRI scan, and he's never seen her before. Reid, you naughty boy! Reid definitely deserves a girl. You go, genius!

Live long and prosper, my friends,

Some family history

Just found out that I am part Canadian-Indian on my father's side.

So I am from Scottish, Irish (Fuck Yes!), Anglo-Saxon, Canadian-Indian and Scandinavian (Viking) descent. Lol. You learn something new every day.

Keep your guns close,
~Insane Peridot xoxo


Fuck everything! Just fuck everything! Fuck the world! (not literally).
I hate living with my parents. I get moaned at for listening to my music. They honestly don't give a shit about anyone else. To them, they've only really had one child (whom I am not going to name). I mean, there are six of us. I can't wait to get away from them and get out of this shithole house. I remember when my dad was calling me names, and saying thaht he wasn't going to feed me and my brother. What an asshole, eh? But then after it he's be like "Oh, I'm sorry.

Screw you, michael myers!

I've just watched Halloween 5. And now I really need to pee. You probably didn't need to know that, but I'm telling you anyway. I'm too scared to go down the stairs to the bathroom. And everyone else is asleep, so I can't ask anyone to stand outside the door and fend off a psycho serial killer while I pee. I knew I shouldn't have watched it alone. I'm a total shit-bag with horror films. I can't even watch the Gremlins either. It freaks me right out. And I don't really wanna have to piss the bed. So........ I'll just have to suck it up, I guess?

Currently Obessed with...

...Baseball shirts. I love them. They're so comfy. I just got a new one from ebay. Already got Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, and A Green Day one. Oh man. I love them.
The pic is the one like the shirt I just bought from ebay. I need to stop buying them. Seriously. Its becoming an addiction. HELP!

Live long and prosper, my friends,
~Insane Peridot xoxo

(The pic ain't mine).

Are you thinkning of me?

'These are the nights and the lights that we faded. These are the words, but the words aren't coming up. They burn cause they are hard to say. For every failing sun, there's a morning after. Though I'm empty when you go, I just wanted you to know that the world is ugly, but you're beautiful to me.'

This song just makes me cry. I fucking love it. It makes me feel happy, sad, angry, excited, and sorry... all at the same time. I mean, how can one song do this to me? Make me feel all of these things at once. I just want to hug this song. Honestly. My head spins every time I listen to it.


Anyone watch the Bafta's last night? The Hobbit was only nominated for one award and they didn't win! I was very upset at this. But Martin Freeman and Ian Mckellen got to present an award each, which was amazing. I love the Hobbit, just like I love MCR, goggles, and drawing!

So long and goodnight, my hairy friends,
Insane Peridot xoxo

Alas, I am usual

I'm bored. Its Thursday and Friday isn't until tomorrow! Just less that 24 hours away! That's way to fucking long. Friday, please hurry up! I miss you!

Anyone else as bored as I am right now? Hmm......
I might check out some Hobbit fanfiction...even though I don't really read fanfiction, some of it is revolting, but I'm THAT bored, so...

So long and goodnight,
Insane Peridot xoxo

Peircings and The Hobbit and just... random stuff

I want a snake-bite pierceing. I've always wanted it done!
I've never really had the balls to do it. But lets just say I've grew a pair. (not literally).
Also, I went to see The Hobbit for the second time and it was still as awesome as the first time!
The book is awesome. I wonder if any of the boys from mcr have read the book or seen the film? And I wonder what they think of it...
God, I'm in a Tolkein and Pter Jackson loving mood. AGAIN! HAHAHAHA! And maybe a little Aidan Turner thrown in there, too. Have you heard his Irish accent? Its beautiful :)
So, what do the lovely boys from MCR

I wish...

You know what I wish? That I was in the 30 Seconds to Mars video for Kings and Queens. It's just a amazing video, don't you think? I would have been riding my hello Kitty Bike with a basket and tassels on it :D!
Okay... I don't really have a Hello Kitty bike. But I can dream, can't I?
I'm a total dreamer.


Just be awesome.
~Insane Peridot xoxo