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Head's up, guys!

There's gonna be a new Star Wars film out in 2015 (or so I've read).
Isn't that just fan-fucking-tastic?! I'm a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, so this is really exciting to me.
I know some of you other people out there will be excited, too. You're not fooling anyone! Rejoice!

And get this, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamil from the original series are supposed to be in it! They'll be oldies, though. No offense... maybe its gonna be about their children? The ones from the books?
If it is true... it's gonna be awesome!

Welcome to planet Aimee, full of Star Wars, LOTR, The Hobbit,

I would just like to take this time to...

... welcome my new niece into the world :)
Her name is Mia Rose and I haven't seen her yet, but I know she's gonna be beautiful. Gut feeling. I'm good with those. She was born at 1.05 this morning (UK time). Can't wait to see her!
When she's old enough, her Auntie Aimee (aka me) is gonna teach her all about great music. My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Muse, Glasvegas, Reo Speedwaggon, The Eagles, Twin Atlantic, The Smashing Pumpkins and other great bands.
I suppose I should say happy birthday? Yeah, that sound about right...

Love and Peace,
~Insane Peridot xoxo

A long time ago, in a Glalaxy far, far away...


In a Star Wars mood, people.
I fucking love it!
Currently watching ROTJ!

May the Force be with you,
~Insane Peridot xoxo


I had a dream. Well, more like a nightmare. I was waiting in a stadium at an MCR concert, waiting for the band to come onstage, nearly peeing myself with excitement, as you would. But then someone came on and announced that they wouldn't be playing anymore, and that they probably wouldn't play together ever again. I was like WTF? FUCKING HELL!
I then later found out, in this nightmare, that the band members had all seriously fallen out and were not on speaking terms with each other. Even Mikey and Gerard weren't talking. It was mental, honestly. I don't even know why they weren't talking.

What is your style of thinking?

I was inspired by a poll I saw. So, what is your style of thinking? Do you use pictures/images? Or do you constantly talk and argue with yourself (which I find rather helpful, if I'm honest). Or maybe you are more emotionally in touch with yourself? Insane Peridot wants to know. Cause she is a nosy git and wants to know how her fellow killjoys use their imagination. You know, imagination encircles the world. So, knowledge isn't everything. Remember that.
Just leave an answer in the comments, my lovelies. If ya want to, No ones forcing you :)

I'll start it off, shall I?

Do something funny for money!

Red Nose Day soon in the UK. Comic Relief! Who's doing some fund-raising? C'mon, do something funny for money! This is honestly a great cause. Us as the MCRmy should do something for comic relief. It would be awesome...
Post ideas in the comments if ya want, get those creative juices flowing, you fucking beautiful people!

Keep the Faith,
~Insane Peridot xoxo

It's not mine. I stole it. I'm a theif!

1)A song you like with a color in the title:
Black Dragon Fighting Society

2)A song you like with a number in the title:
Zero Percent

3)A song that reminds you of summertime:
Na Na Na

4)A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about:

5)A song that needs to be played LOUD:
Desolation Row

6)A song that makes you want to dance:
Vampire Money

7)A song to drive to:

8)A song about drugs or alcohol:
Headfirst for Halos

9)A song that makes you happy:
Planetary (GO!)

10)A song that makes you sad:

11)A song that you never get tired of:

Rowntree's Randoms

'How do you sleep at night?!'
'I don't drink coffee after seven.'

I saw this on an advert for a film called Parker that's gonna be in the cinema soon.
How funny is that though? ^^^ I nearly pissed myself laughing.
Yeah..... I'm easily amused.....

Live long and prosper, monkey-socks...(currently eating Rowntree's Randoms)
~Insane Peridot xoxo

P.S - Bob's your Teapot!


'The light behind your eyes' sounds like a lullaby, doesn't it? And I dunno why, but it kind of has an Eagles vibe to it. Well, to me anyway... Don't ask me why I think that, I just do. I love Conventional Weapons. All of the songs sound different. Thanks, mcr, for making more beautiful music!

Love and Peace,
Insane Peridot xoxo


Just been listening to One by Metallica. The lyrics really got me. They went right into my soul. I mean, I've listened to this song hundreds of times, and the lyrics never really got to me, but they did this time. Its actually fucking scary how this song speaks to me. It felt like it was actually wrote for me. (I wish it was!) Anyone ever felt like that about a song before? Or am I just crazy?

Keep the Faith,
~Insane Peridot xoxo