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there's an army of them

There's an army of them
But you'll never fight alone

(the video isn't mine, sadly)

~Insane Peridot xoxo

We Are the MCRmy

Art is the Weapon.
Your Imagination is the Ammunition.
Stay Dirty, and Stay Dangerous.
Create and Destroy as you see fit.
Embrace your Originality.
The Aftermath is Secondary.
You can and should do Anything

We are the MCRmy, and we are not afraid to keep on living.
We brought our Bullets, sought our Revenge, marched for the Black Parade, lived through Dangerous Days and wielded our Conventional Weapons.
All in the name of MCR.

And we will wear our masks again out after dark, 'cause we are up for everything it takes and we are not the same. 'Cause we are not afraid and we are not ashamed.



Currently watching Prates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
How awesome is that film? Seriously. Cheers you right up after an awful day.
How is everyone faring? You know, after the split...
I Hope everyone is doing okay.
This is the first time I've posted anything on this for ages. I've not really had anything worth posting... I was still kinda numb from the split...

Live Long and Prosper,
You're insanely loyal chum, (emphasising on the 'insane' part)
~Insane Peridot xoxo

Hmm...I wonder whose birthday it is today...

Happy birthday, Gerard.
Today would make you 36, yeah?
Wow. You don't even look it.
Not that I'm saying 36 is old, cause its not...
Okay, I'm going to stop with the awkwardness now...

Hope you have a great day, whether you're working or relaxing or whatever.
I've started a sketch for you, as a little present, but its not done yet :)
I'll post it when I'm done with it. I keep changing it cause I'm not totally happy with it yet.
Love ya (not in a stalker-ish way, in a "I respect you a lot" kind of way).

Live long and prosper, my friend,
~Insane Peridot (or Aimee) xoxo

(Uh, guys?

Who watches Kerrang! TV? Where life is loud!

MCR were in the top ten twice in the Kerrang! Official Rock 100 Chart 2013. They came in at 7 with Teenagers and then and 3 with Welcome to the Black Parade. Just shows you how much people loved them and still do. MCR is done, but it'll never die.
Needless to say, I voted for them. And Muse, too.
Amazing :)

Keep fighting,
~Insane Peridot xoxo

My Chemical Romance

I posted one of these earlier, but I don't think it was good enough, so here I go again...

MCR. What can I say? They saved my life? They are my muse? Nope. That's not even remotely close to how I feel about these guys. They exploded onto the scene, leaving blood, fire, thousands of adoring fans, and amazing music in their wake. They were there for us through the tough and happy times, just like we were there for them. They will always burn bright for me. I'll never forget them. Ever. My children and grandchildren will know who they are and what they did for me and thousand of other people.


I just wanted to say goodbye to MCR. They've helped me through the best and worse of times. They've been my muse and made me a better person. If it weren't for them, I'd be dead right now. They will always be in my heart and I wish them good luck in their lives.
I am not afraid to keep on living.

Lots of Love,
~Insane Peridot xoxo


I think J.K. Rowling should do a little spin-off series from Harry Potter about the Marauders. You know, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. AKA Remus, Peter (the slime-ball that he is), Sirius (fucking love him) and James. I'd love to hear about what they got up to when they went to Hogwarts. How they made the Marauders map and all that. It would be a good read, in my opinion. And plus, Sirius is my favourite character. Full Stop.
Just saying...

Insane Peridot xoxo


I think J.K. Rowling should do a sin-off series from Harry Potter about the Marauders (you know, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs) in their years at Hogwarts. I wanna know what the pranksters would've got up too. And of course, Snape, Lily and other characters would probably be in it :) How awesome would that be, though? And Sirius Black is my Favourite character. Full Stop.
Just saying...

Love, Peace and Magic,
Insane Peridot xoxo

Harry Potter

I think J.K. Rowling should do a spin-off book series to Harry Potter about the lives of The Marauders in their Hogwarts days. That would be cool, in my opinion. Then we can find out more about those pranksters Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs when they were younger. How awesome would that be? Cause Sirius is my fave character, Period.
Just saying...

Love, Peace and Magic,
Insane Peridot xoxo