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the 4th part to my drama story based on the album... enjoy!!

So, now Gerard was at 34 souls. But out of 1,000, that wasn't that much. As he walked farther away from the tavern, he saw the clouds start to gather, but through them he could still see the sun slowly come up. Gerard thought he should expand from this town Satan had placed him in, but first he wanted to milk it for all it was worth. He wanted to drain it of the entire hellbound population. He passed by the bowling alley. As he walked passed, he heard noise coming from behind the building. It sounded like laughing.


The 3rd part of my drama story based on the album... enjoy!

With the thought of Helena still fresh in his mind, Gerard thought of a place where he can find entire groups of the damned and take their souls. Gerard thought of the tavern on the other side of town. There were always barfights, prostitution, drug-trafficking. Seemed like a prime place for the damned. Gerard headed towards the other side of town. It was still dark. There were clouds but he didn't get the feeling it was going to rain. By the time he reached the tavern his legs were tired.


The 2nd part of my drama story based on the album... Hope u like!

Gerard drew his knife and quickly but quietly moved towards the dark alley in which the stalker had followed the girl. He walked into the alley to find the man on top of the girl with her pocket book in his hand. He jumped off of her and turned around to see the shadowy figure of Gerard standing at the end of the dark alley. The man just stared until he ran towards the opossite side of the alley. Gerard only walked towards him, but somehow caught up with the running man.

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

My new drama story. hope you like...

"Damn". He had tripped again. Gerard picked himself up and then picked up the gravestone he had knocked over. This the fourth time in a week he got drunk and went to the Cemetary to visit his own grave. For you see, Gerard was dead. Several years before him and his wonderful girlfriend Helena had been a sort of modern age Bonny and Clyde when they were gunned down in the desert. Gerard wanted desperately to just go on to a proper afterlife instead of roaming the Earth. But Helena had gone to Hell. He was in purgatory when Satan approached with an offer.