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Revolution: MCR Pt. 3

The 3rd part to my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

Jenny was exhilerated to have been accepted so quickly and easily among them. But she knew they were not stupid, so when they gladly asked her test questions about MCR and punk in general, she answered whole-heartedly and with respect. So, she finally asked, "What's next? I mean, what is our next plan to fight for punk acceptance"? Debrah, the skeptical snob, answered, "Well, we were gonna go buy some pot and kick a few homeless people." the others looked surprised. The ugly one said, "What are you talking about?

started a band 2

this is my second upload about my band. i thought i'd give you guys an example of our bassist: me! i'm TRUELY sorry if i make some retarted faces whil i'm playing, but ti do that unintentionally when i play sometimes.enjoy! :)


i recently started a punk/alt. band called Sociopath Anatomy. I recently completed the first song i wrote for guitar instead of bass so i thought i'd share it. I'm also going to upload my fifth or sixth bass line soon.please enjoy!

Revolution: MCR Pt. 2

The 2nd part to my new epic drama! please enjoy...

Jenny was on a greyhound to Marlyland. She lived in New Jersey, so it was easier than going to Colorado. She wanted to find them, the MCRmy, and be part of them. But with the police on the hunt, it wasn't like she could ask around for them. It was starting sink in that she had completely unexpectadly left her life, her mom, dad, brother, and friends, to save a genre of music from extinction. But to her it was more than just a group of bands and songs, it was a life style. She lived that genre everyday.

Revolution: MCR (my newest fanfic)

hey guys, id like to say that it has been a while since i wrote a fanfic. i did my 15 part THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE a while ago and two short fanfic collections, but i wasn't in a state of mind to a full new one until about now. i think you guys will really like this one. thx for all the support and enjoy!

Jenny walked out of her bedroom fully dressed. It was 2:00 AM, a school night, and she got up from blasting her rock records to get a soda. It had been 3 and 1/2 weeks since parents started the special interest group POP- Parents Opposing Punk.

new movie

hey guys, im seeking support for a new independant film me and a friend are making. It might possibly feature a snippet of a Bullets song in the credits, so i thought it would be appropriate to put it up here! i've attatched one of the trailers i made. it really is my passion to my movies with my friends and i work as hard as i can. So i'd appreciate if you guys kept on the lookout for my upcoming syfy/mystery Frozen Hell and my friend Trevors new horror Asylum. The link for his trailer is below. thx guyz!


i KNOW some of you just saw The Voice just now. and you HAD to have heard that team butcher SING. wtf? the song didn't fit anyone of them. i was so excited once the music started. and then they all had GREAT voices, but that song was not fit for them. they BOMBED it. whatevz...


i think it's funny that in Conventional Weapons, Number One has the gun on the cover, but Number Two has the song Gun. on it and a knife on the cover. dafuq?


i no i haven't been writing recently. i sat down a bunch of times to write more min-fanfics but they all sucked. Im not in a creative state of mine to start a whole know fanfic. But just be on the lookout.


Another short collection of mini-fanfics. this is a sequel to Bury Me In Black: The Fanfic Collection. Two of these three stories are sequels to stories from Bury Me In Black. ENJOY!

1.Bury Me In Black Pt. 2- "I'm sorry the number you've a dialed is not available. Please leave a message at the tone. If you would like to leave a call back number, press 5". "Hey, Gerard, it's Helena. F--k you."

2. Vampires Will Never Hurt You Pt. 2:Vampire Money-Gerard and Helena had planned another attack on the hangout for that afternoon. Being it was daylight, vampires were naturally not as strong.