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i had seen all the other 6 TCM movies so i had to watch the new. people in the theater were talking about how much it sucked and luaghing the whole time, and i admit it had its funny parts, but i actually REALLY liked it! its worth the watch if your into that kinda stuff.

Revolution: MCR Pt. 11 might not happen

i was writing a fanfic for a while called Revoultion:MCR about a teenage runaway named Jenny who joins a criminal rebellion in Maryland after Punk rock slowly gets banned. i wrote 10 parts so far and its been 2 or 3 weeks since i wrote one because i was grounded from the computer. i don't know if im really in the right mind state to continue it. 2 or 3 weeks ago when i was really into it , this story would be different. so, if i don't have a knew one up by Monday then you can probably bet igave up. srry.

P.S. i got A new electric guitar. it's an Epiphone Special SG model.

this has been killing me recently

first off, i'd liket to ask, why did Matt leave MCR in 2003 or 4? And i feel like nobody ever thinks about him. I see alot of people talk about how much they love Bob, and believe me i like him too, but Matt was the orignal drummer and he played on my favorite MCR cd, Bullets. On YouTube and on here, i never see anybody EVER talk about Matt. so, did he do something to get kicked out that nobody wants to talk about or do you people just not like him? cuz personally, i think he was a slightly better drummer than Bob. I mean just listen to Demolition Lovers and Cemetery Drive. He rocked on them!

Revolution: MCR Pt. 10

the 10th part to my drama/epic fanfic! please enjoy!!

Alexander sat at his small home in New York. His babysitter while his mother was in Maryland was a easily-agitated old foreign woman known mostly by her last name: Black, the color of her soul. He was watching the news and he saw the riot at the police station. And there at the front of it all was his mother. He decided it was finally time to see what the fuss was all about; he went into Jennys' room when Mrs. Black wasn't looking and took out a random CD.

Revolution: MCR Pt. 9

the 9th part to my epicdrama

The police struggled to restarin the crowds of protestors: POP and their opposers. However, one of the punk supporters manage to sneak behind a cop and knock him out with a club. The crowds raged and cheered. A riot formed as crowed rushed the police station. A few of the supporters made it to the backroom and found the cells of the MCRmy. They tried to unlock the cells but were tackled by cops and POP members. Outside in the lobby, you could here shots being fired at and by punk supporters.

Revolution: MCR Pt. 8

the 8th part to my new epic/drama fanfic! plz enjoy...

Jenny and Dillan walked back from their supplier of clorophorm. It was illegal to own clorophorm for illegitimate purposes, of course. So, they had to purchase illegally from a supplier, much like that of drugs. They walked back to their pre-planned meeting spot about a block from the police station with their clorophorm and rags. They spotted from down the block Tom and Stephen on the side of the police station. Good, they're in position, thought Jenny to herself.

Revolution: MCR Pt. 7

part 7 of my new epic/drama fanfic! please read and enjoy!!

As the crew got moving again passed the traintracks, Jenny felt terrible for Tom. Tom knew John had only been arrested, but for the position they were in, he might as well've died. With the group now on the run, he might never see him again. Unless, that is, John escaped soon. Then, Jenny hatched a plan. She had always been at this kind of stuff. When she was 13, she used to break her friends out of their rooms when they were grounded or even in detention. They would do some for her. So, now she thought, why not get John out?

Revolution: MCR Pt. 6

hereugo! pt. 6 of my new epic drama fanfic! enjoy...

"GO!" Somebody yelled. The cops were outside and nobody had to ask to know what they were there for. Jenny scrampbled to get her sleeping bag, clothes, and books. However, she noticed the others took nothing bu food, water, and identification: the essentials. They only took the ID's because if they left them and the cops found him, they would be exposed. Jenny followed and decided to drop her sleeping bag and clothes and all that and just go. For a group of 13 people, it seemed like a stampede. They heard microphones go on, "Come out!

Revolution: MCR Pt. 5 (please read)

the 5th part of my new fanfic! enjoy...

Jenny woke up the next day to see Debrah packing her bags with tears in her eyes. That was it. She had been expelled. But, even though this was what Jenny wanted, she couldn't help but to feel bad. Compassion was in her nature. And, evidently, it was in the others' nature too, because they didn't seem exactly thrilled either to see her go.

Revolution: MCR Pt. 4

the 4th part to my new fanfic, Revolution: MCR! please spread the word, i noticed that this one doesn't have as many readers so far as my last fanfic, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge! Enjoy!

Jenny asked John, "So, how come it's just us four? How come the other couldn't tag along." "Well," John explained, "If the whol damn group was out here, we would be more noticeable, plus, if we all got pinched by the cops, we would have no other members to keep the MCRmy going." It made sense than.