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my newest drama fanfic! enjoy...

Helena and Gerard looked at eachother in fear. They had just commited a violent murder and robbery and the cops were coming closer and closer. "Quick! Gerard, just go in the f*cking house!" Gerard panicked and kicked in the door. He scrambled around the house for keys. Helena jumped in the door and closed it behind her. Gerard ran upstairs still looking for the keys. It didn't seem as though anyone was home. Yet, the car was right outside.

HillTop Hoods

i don't how many of you guys like rap, but this is a sad song by an Austrailian rap group named HillTop Hoods. Don't worry its not about like bitches, hoes, drugs, or murder. it's a very relevent song and i think you guys will aprreciate its message. enjoy!


The 5th part to my newest drama story/fanfic! enjoy!

They left the old mans' house just as the sirens went on. But they couldn't take the trailer, it would be too suspicious. They ran around the corner, down a block, and ducked into an alley where they rested hidden behind a dumpster, with their other side hidden by a fence in the middle of the alley. The stuck there heads out in time to see two cop cars rush past the alley, not noticeing Gerard or Helena. They stuck there heads over the fence and saw the same cars rush past the other side of the alley.


The 4th part to my newish drama story... enjoy!

Gerard didn't want to fight, but it was so simple. Helena was trying to take things they didn't need. It was dead weight and there was no reason to take anything but the necesseties: food and new clothes. He tried to explain this, but she lashed and didn't listen. She wanted to take those dishes and silverware. Gerard didn't understand and thought about just letting her have it. It wouldn't be THAT bad. But it was the principle.


the 3rd part to my new drama story!

Helena and Gerard had been on the road as runaway criminals for almost 2 years and NEVER had they made such a stupid mistake as breaking into a house in broad daylight while the owner was home! Gerard reached the top of the stairs and saw the pull string to a compartment on the ceiling. He pulled to reveal the ladder to the attic. He climbed it and saw the window that overlooked the pool. Opening the window he looked down into the back and at the pool. The old man had not noticed him, which meant he had succeeded so far. He took a nervous breath and jumped.


2nd part of my new epic/drama! enjoy...

Gerard and Helena had driven for about a half day and stopped still a mile or two from New York. It was dark and they were close to civilization so they parked the trailer behind a large group of trees and slept there until morning. Upon sunrise, Helena woke up with a jolt, scaring Gerard awake. Helena was breathing a little heavily. Gerard said, "What's wrong?" "Oh, did i wake you?" said Helena. Gerard lied and said, "No." so he didn't hurt her feelings. "Did you hsve a nightmare?" he asked.


This is my new fan-fic I Brought You My Bullets based on the album. i have another fanfic that i put on hold for this one called Revolution: MCR. please enjoy!

August, 2001:

Gerard sat in a beach chair out in front of the trailer. He was playing his acoustic to the tune of a song called Romance. Him and Maria were pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It was kind of hot out . It looked almost like a desert, yet, they were not too far from the outskirts of New York. He didn't know where they were exactly. He was sure Maria did though.


i had seen all the other 6 TCM movies so i had to watch the new. people in the theater were talking about how much it sucked and luaghing the whole time, and i admit it had its funny parts, but i actually REALLY liked it! its worth the watch if your into that kinda stuff.

Revolution: MCR Pt. 11 might not happen

i was writing a fanfic for a while called Revoultion:MCR about a teenage runaway named Jenny who joins a criminal rebellion in Maryland after Punk rock slowly gets banned. i wrote 10 parts so far and its been 2 or 3 weeks since i wrote one because i was grounded from the computer. i don't know if im really in the right mind state to continue it. 2 or 3 weeks ago when i was really into it , this story would be different. so, if i don't have a knew one up by Monday then you can probably bet igave up. srry.

P.S. i got A new electric guitar. it's an Epiphone Special SG model.

this has been killing me recently

first off, i'd liket to ask, why did Matt leave MCR in 2003 or 4? And i feel like nobody ever thinks about him. I see alot of people talk about how much they love Bob, and believe me i like him too, but Matt was the orignal drummer and he played on my favorite MCR cd, Bullets. On YouTube and on here, i never see anybody EVER talk about Matt. so, did he do something to get kicked out that nobody wants to talk about or do you people just not like him? cuz personally, i think he was a slightly better drummer than Bob. I mean just listen to Demolition Lovers and Cemetery Drive. He rocked on them!