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Short Film

Me and my friends made this, it'd be cool if people watched it.

boy division

a music video I made for Boy Division and to pay homage to my friend Trevor "Ductapedhunter"


Hey guys, srry I haven't been on in a while. anyway, check out this music video for a song a recorded for my band. The song is called The End of an Era and I used clips from The Bride of Frankenstein, a bonnie and Clyde newsreel, some of me and my friends' videos/short films, and Aileen Wuornos' trial. Enjoy!


so i have completely written 2 fanfics, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and I Brought You My Bullets. i also started to write one called Revolution: MCR, but i didn't finish it. i probably will just not yet. I was just curious, for any of you who have read my fanfics, which one would you say was better. Three Cheers or Bullets? and please state why. i ask also so i know which direction to kind of take it in when i finish Revolution: MCR


This is the going to be the last part to my drama fanfic I Brought You My Bullets, partially because this is the eleventh part and there were 11 songs on Bullets. Please enjoy!

As Helena and Gerard drove off and away from the sirens, away from the massacre in the office building, Gerard kept thinking that this is what they get. This was what they get for ignoring their feelings. That had felt worse and worse about their crimes, they were almost ready to give it all up and maybe even get married.


again, srry it's been so long. this is the 10th part of my newest drama fanfic. enjoy!

Gerard and Helena passed by a building in the city. It was the office building Helena used to work at before she moved to New Jersey and met Gerard. "Have i got a story about this shithole!" exclaimed Helena as she passed and pulled over around the block. "What are you stoppin' for?" asked Gerard, but Helena ignored him and continued with her story.


I don't know if anyone else has posted about this or if it is on all the boxes, but i was looking on the back of my Conventional Weapons box-set and noticed a type-o on it. The track listing for Number Three and Number Two are switched as in, they don't match up with their respective vinyl covers. I just thought that was weird and wondered if anyone else noticed or has even had this problem. i don't mind, just that it was funny. i would suggest going back and looking on your boxes


the 9th part to my newest drama fanfic based on my favorite MCR album!

Gerard and Helena paniced at the sound of the doorknob they jumped up and tried to run but it was too late. The door opened. Gerards' cousin walked in. And when he saw them, they stopped dead in their tracks, turned towards him, he dropped his bags and yelled "What the f*ck!" Gerard pleaded to his cousin, George, "George! Hey, i didn't think you'd be home so soon from your trip!" "What are you doing in my house! Gerard, Helena, what the hell!" "We needed a place to stay." pleaded Helena.