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Fanfic Ch. 5: Reuion

so here's ch. 5. Please enjoy.

ugh mothers

so i've been chilling in my room hanging out on here and watchin tv. then my mom comes in getting all up in my space. and now shes talking to my aunt next to me and we all know she talks to her for hours. shes driving me nuts and i cant tell her to leave cuz i dont want to be mean. also we're eating popcorn and she's chomping way and talking. I need to get this off my chest.

-Ember Grimm-

the mall

ok so on friday Jul 1st I was at a mall with my mom and I noticed we were gonna walk past the store MAC you know the makeup store and I remembered watching a video on youtube where gerard was putting makeup on some guy on their bus and he pulled out a MAC bag so anyways I said when we were walking past it "Hey Gerard shops there" my mom said "Who. Jordyn shops where..?" me pointing to the sign "Gerard from mychem shops there," mon just says "Oh god." so yeah just wanted to say that

Fanfic Ch 4: Pranks & Rescue

Please Enjoy =)
Sorry if it ended too short. i was in a rush.

I Love Lucy

I know this has nothing to do with anything but Im watching I Love Lucy and Im just laughing at their insults. Shows then and shows now are really different

-Ember Grimm-


so I was just sitting on my bed watching I Love Lucy, when an idea popped into my head. I thought of writing a another fanfic but this time it'll be about the Im Not Okay video ya know. It was just a thought but I kinda wanna do it. tell me what you think.

-Ember grimm-

Killjoy Fanfic: Ch.3 Jokes & A New Home

ok here is chapter 3. Please read, enjoy, and read. thanks

Ember's P.O.V


Ok so I was writing my 3rd ch. for my fanfic and i accendently clicked on close and my web page closed erasing what i wrote. I can barely remember what I wrote. Well back to rewriting.

-Ember Grimm-


please read my fanfic. i only have two chapters out right and thinking of doing three tonight. so yeah XD

-Ember Grimm-

Killjoy Fanfic Ch. 2: The Rescue & The Inventation

So this is chapter two. please enjoy and comment. Thank you.

Ember's P.O.V