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Well bout to leave to go camping and you know what that means. No My Chem. I dont have any of their songs on my ipod. Well goodbye!!!!

Chapter Eleven

here is Chapter Eleven. Please Enjoy =D

Chapter Ten

So after a long period of writer's block, here is Chapter ten. Please Enjoy.
Also Im going camping Fri-Sun this weekend and I won't be able to write, so next ch. will be out Mon.

Ember's P.O.V

somewhere only we know

Im in love with the song Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. I heard it on the winnie the pooh trailer and had to listen to it. the song gives me a weird feeling that i cant describe, but its a good wierd feeling that i cant describe. do you get what im saying?

viva la bam

so im watching the show viva la bam well the reruns anyways. anways i heard hang 'em high being played and, i knew right away because of the whistling in the beginning. just thought i should share

-Ember Grimm-

Fanfic Ch. 9

Here is Chapter nine. Please Enjoy =D
Sorry if its too long.

Fanfic Ch. 8: Confessions pt 2

finally after along time of writer's block here is chapter eight. Please Enjoy!!

Ember's P.O.V

writers block

I've got writers block right now and I cant think of anything. Anyone got any ideas that could help. If you do than that would be great. Thanks

-Ember Grimm-

Fanfic Ch.7: Memories

Here's chapter seven. Please enjoy.
Im sorry if its too short, but that was all I could think about for the moment.

Fanfic Ch.6: Confessions

here is Ch. 6. Please Enjoy.