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Guess what!

so when I got home yesterday from shopping I was really i great mood! You wanna know? because I bought the Danger Days cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my first my chem cd!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Ember Grimm-


Ember's POV/Dream state
I woke up to the sound of wooshing noises. I layed there feeling something in my hands. It felt like sand. Not desert sand, but sand from the beach. I sat up and looked around. The sun was shining bright in the sky, stating it was the middle of the afternoon. The ocean was a beautiful blue, reflecting the sun's light. I stood up and brushed the sand off me. I looked to down to notice that I'm not wearing my killjoy outfit. I was wearing a yellow and gray striped tank top, orange shorts, and black flip flops.

stupid tv!!!!!

Of all times for my tv to get turn off, just because we havent paid that stupid bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna miss mychem on jimmy fallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well atleast I can watch on the internet right?

-Ember Grimm-

happy tree friends

Has anyone ever watched the Happy Tree Friends on youtube? Its scares the crap out of me whenever I watch a video. Awhile ago I watched one of the videos that had the song Blood playing and I was freaked out by it even though the song goes great with the video. It was gross. who in the world likes watching cute little forest creautes get killed or be killed, with blood flying everywhere, and see their heads get ripped off or lose an eye! its still gross. well at least I think it is. I should't judge really since a lot of people like watching them. just my opinion thats all.


Hey Killjoys so here is Chapter 19!!!! So please comment and please enjoy!!!!
Ember's POV
After I knocked on Skull's door, Auto and Kobra came and stood behind me. I turned my head slightly to notice them holding hands. I rolled my eyes and knocked on the door again. I was about to open the door myself and let us in when Skull finally opened the door, looking like she just woke up. "Ember long time no see. how you been?" she asked panting really hard, like she ran to the door. "Im good. Can we come in? Its freaking hot!" I said fanning myself with my hand.


On the last chapter I messed up, it was 17, instead of 16, my bad. Okay here is Chapter 18, so Please Comment and Please EnjoyXD
Ember's POV
Once the two shoots went off, there was strange loud thud outside our room. I opened eyes and immediately checked my body to see if there were any wounds on me. Luckly there were none. "YESS!" I thought to myself. Then I looked over at Auto, whose hands were covering her head, and her eyes shut tight. I assumed she was alright, since I saw no wounds on her. "Luckly the Drac missed us, but what was the second gun shot?" I said looking around the room.


Hey sorry that I didn't post this chapter the same day as my last. I totally forgot about it and listened to Paramore instead. Now Im a fan of Paramore, but MCR is still #1 to me. So here is Chapter 16. Please Comment and Please Enjoy Reading =)
Party's POV
While I was half asleep-half awake I heard Ember and Ghoul talk about him hating Auto. When we go out on missions and stuff all he does is complain about her, which is starting to make me and Jet annoyed and Kobra angry, but he still defends her, which makes Ghoul twice as mad.

Remembering Sunday by All Time Low

So I was bored and I started to listen to All Time Low, and I clicked to listen to a song of theirs called Remembering Sunday and I can't stop listening to it. Like I really can't stop listening to it. Im listening to it now and I keep replaying this song over and over, but Im not really a fan of theirs.


I am so so sorry for not posting for so long, I've been MAJORLY distracted. So here's chapter 16 . Please comment and Please Enjoy.
Ghoul's POV
I woke up earlier than everyone else like I alway do. When I walked towards the kitchen I thought about last night which was horrible. Auto tripped me, making me land face first. I don't know why she has to stay with us. We should have left her in the desert instead of taking her in. And now she's in a realationship with Kobra, which means she'll NEVER leave. I think they don't know that I know they're together.

I missed them

Argh I just logged on today a few minutes ago and just found out mcr was on jimmy fallon last night and didn't know until today. I TOTALLY MISSED IT!!!!!! then I complained and told my mom saying that Im a bad fan and she said you're right you are a bad fan. So I thought I should vent about this. Now if you'll excuse me Im going to cry in a dark corner (just kidding Im not going to do that, thats just weird)

-Ember Grimm-