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Future Is BulletProof Chapter 23: Hell Is Way To Clean!

So, So sorry for the long wait, I've been really busy such a cliche excuse, I know but its true again so sorry, but please comment and enjoy!

This place is WAY too clean. Like really, really clean. Like, you could see your reflection in the tiled floor, and even, maybe the walls. The Drac continued to drag me through the tight hallways taking me somewhere. I really wanted to go back home, and be with my friends.

Its been a while...

...Since I was last on here. Well let me say a few things. School is boring, I watched the famous film "Casablanca" well "studied" "Casablanca" for my film studies class. I have a new friend who likes My Chemical Romance but isn't as obsessive as I am and over last week we sang Teenagers and WTTBP, out loud where people gave us strange looks. Biology still tortures me with the word "chemical" and no "my" no "romance" and I haven't posted my story in a very long time. Maybe I'll post today... maybe.

-Ember Grimm-

Can't Listen to Any Music on Laptop WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since yesterday, I haven't been able to listen to any music on my laptop ( mostly youtube is the music source) and it weirds me out that on Monday it worked fine and now today and yesterday it doesn't work at all. So that means I haven't been able to listen to mychem, taking back sunday, etc etc, and its so odd that no music is blaring right now, also I don't have any mychem songs on Ipod which is sad, but it won't be like that at all. I hope this goes away and I can listen to beautiful music again. =l

-Ember Grimm-

the word "chemical"

I meant to post this yesterday, but Ive been busy. So yesterday in Biology we were doing stuff in our book and I saw the word "chemical" everywhere in the book and automatically looked for "my" and "romance". never found it and wondered if "chemical" was lonely without those two words.
Just comes to show you how my mom says "obsessed with them" I really am, but Im sure we've all done that! XD

-Ember Grimm-

The Future Is BulletProof Chapter 22: Making Fun Of Dracy ;))

*sighs* laptop died a few minutes ago while I was writing the original chapter and it wasn't saved. All gone and now I have to rewrite it. So please enjoy, cause Im not enjoying, cause this won't be the same as has the original, but please don't let this put a downer on your reading, comment if you like. Im in a sad mood right now. =(

Ember's POV
I woke up to tires grinding against the the sand grains, and small peebles, a purring engine, cold metal against my bare arms and shoulders, and a painful headache. I slightly opened my eyes, to see a little bit of darkness, some light, and white.


...ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was typing my new ch for my fanfic and was almost finished, and guess what happens!? My laptop dies!!!!!!!!!!! and it didnt save and I was almost done!!!!!!!!! worst thing to ever happen to me and this is the second time this has happen!!!!!!!!!!!! *sighs* guess I cant complain back to writing and also I hardly remember what I wrote so this is gonna take awhile. *sniffs back tears and shakes head sadly and mumbles, "Why me? Why me? why me?!?..." ='((

I Just Felt Like Saying This! =D

I just felt like saying this cause I really wanted to say this a long time ago but never did. So here it goes. At first when I first started listening to MCR, I saw the picuters of them, seen the earlier videos, and thought that Gerard.. was the ugliest person I had ever seen!!!!! I only liked them for their music and I still do, cause their music speaks to me. Anyways I also thought that Mikey was replaced by someone different. I found out it was the same person, when I watched an interview on youtube awhile back.

Havent been on in soooo long!!!!

I havent been on in soooooooooooooo long!!!!!!!!!!! School just started and Ive been sooooo busy that I havent had time to blog, or that I didnt have anything to blog about. also I really need to post more to my story so maybe I'll post 2morrow kay =D.

-Ember Grimm-

The Future Is BulletProof Ch 21

Like my title?... Of course you do, don't deny it, also sorry for the long wait, been busy. Please comment if you want, and please enjoy!!!!
Ember's POV
Since the Dracs were blocking the front and back of me, I either had to escape by going left or right. I right seemed a short way to get around the van. I started to count down from three in my head to prepare myself. Once I said one in my head, I made mad dash for it. I dropped my jacket to the ground has I began to run. I got around the van that was behind me and made my way to the gas station.

MCR fan in Biology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I started high school cuz Im a freshman, and in biology which is second period there's this girl that sits in front of me and I noticed she had a Black Vail Brides bracelet so anyways today the girl I sit next to told her she could work with us since she sits by herself and I asked whats your fave song from bvb and she Death of me (I could be wrong though) and Pens and Knives and I told her I heard that song, so I asked if she knew mychem and she said YES!!!! in an excited way, and I was so happy to know someone who knows them. So tomorrow Imma talk about them with her!