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Holy Sh*t

Wow, I haven't been on here since 2011!!! Wow so much has changed! I'm so obsess with MCR anymore, =( and haven't really listened to them in forever! Not even their new stuff, I guess I got over it. I'm still finding myself though. I miss the backgrounds! They were all desert scenes and colorful and now its all black and it's weird. I've grown up, some what. Lol, its been WAY too long since I was last on here. Just wanted to say that is all!


Had the worst dream ever this morning!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't a nightmare or anything, it made sense, usally my dreams don't, but this one sorta did. The only reason, I'm freaking out about it is because this one sophmore, I talk to in my algebra class was in it. Not like just there of a brief second, but in it, in it, like right next to me the whole time. btw its a guy. Anyways during one part of ''this'' dream we were like together, at this pumpkin patch, but there was sand everywhere, like sand dune, sand and we were happy, acting all cute with each other, like a date. Then he kisses me on the neck, then the dream got confusing again.

Does anyone know any Russian names?

Like the title says. I need two Russian last names and five female names. Weird question I know, but please I really do need the names. Thanks!

-Ember Grimm-

The Future Is BulletProof Ch 24: And The Punch Line To The Joke Is...

I woke to white. Surely I must be dead. But if I'm dead, why do I feel pain all over my body. Surely if your dead then you can't feel pain, right? Great, I'm not dead. I looked around the white room. White walls, white twin bed, white night stand, white lamp, white, white, white, and guess what more WHITE! I swear, I have never seen so much white before in my entire life. I groaned in pain, as I turned on my back. Bad idea. Pain shot through my entire body, as I turned. Why am I in so much pain? Suddenly everything that happened, yesterday, I think, came rushing back so fast I got a headache.

I am also an idiot

In my latest blog I said Saturday, but really its Sunday, I really am an idiot. Boy I really am beating myself up right now.

-Ember Grimm-

I'm a failure =(

I really am. It's Saturday, and I never posted more of the short stories. Again with the cliche excuse I've been busy with school and all that junk, that and I really thought no one cared and should give up. Again sorry, I'll start again next week, really am sorry for the disappointment. *sniffs* *sobs* ='(

-Ember Grimm-

Short Story Two: Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Hey! Okay here is number two for the story contest. I hope you enjoy and please comment! Thanks!

I looked at myself in my full body mirror that hanged on the back of my door. I played with my hair, wondering what to do with it. Should I put it up? Should it stay down? Braided? In a bun? Ugh I give up! I put my hands on my hips, and blew out a large breath, making my side bangs fly up in the air. My hair was a dark chocolate brown, that had loose curls, with, red, blue, orange, purple, and black highlights. My bangs were side swept to the right and had red, blue, purple and orange highlights.

Like I said...

...Like I said last night, I am having a short story contest where I write five stories through out the week and on the weekend you would vote which of the five you liked the most, and the next week I'll write it. Don't worry, I will still continue my killjoy story, but for now I just want to focus on this. The next story will be up soon. Here's the link for yesterday's story if your interested: demonmoon
(If the link doesn't work, then I'm sure you know what to do)
-Ember Grimm-

Short Story One: Under the Demon Moon

Well like I said there is going to be a short story contest where you the reader will vote on which story you like at the end of the week. The story with the most votes will be come a full length and don't worry it won't cut into my other story. So lets get started!

`The fall night was cold, with a freezing wind blowing by. The sky was a midnight blue, where the full moon hung, glowing mysteriously. The countless stars that scattered across the sky, shined brightly.

CHEESE CAKES HAVE WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...Good now that I hopefully have your attention lets make a contest. A short story contest, where I write five short stories one for every day, then I would have a special blog on saturday and sunday where you can vote which of the story you like the most and the one that has the most votes wins and will be written fully.
***If you cant see the rest below, then click my name and read the rest also PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS SO YOU CAN GIVE ME THE ENCOURAGEMENT TO WRITE!!!!
*******Votes must be submitted before 12, my time, which is West Coast time (I live in Cali).******