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aww i'm loved <3

who else loves coming on this site and seeing this? (look at the picture) it's just like aww, someone liked what i said or i helped them out or i made them laugh. idk i just love it :) being loved by people you don't know purely for a random thought that you decided to post here. it's great ^-^

my alien hickey! (as promised)

got your attention there, huh? well on my last blog about love i promised my alien hickey story as a reward to all the help you gave me. so here it is:
two days ago i FINALLY went out driving. i've been 15 for almost eight months now but i've been too lazy to get a permit, and even after that to go practice driving. i don't have anywhere to go. anyway, i'm driving in this abandoned parking lot which apparently has curbs about five feet tall because i hit one and the airbags came out and the curb punctured the radiator.

help? please?

anyone in the army wanna help me out? i'm kinda new to this whole love thing and nothing i've ever heard about it has prepared me for this. this is weird. so i met a guy. yesterday. which already tells me that i shouldn't be in love because i only talked to him for a few hours total. that's not the weird part, though. so now i can't get him out of my mind and i have butterflies in my stomach when i think of him, normal love stuff i guess and not what i have a problem with. but get this. i don't even want to be with him necessarily.


go check them out. it's pretty cool. can't figure it out? scroll over the numbers. they freeze. click on them in this order: 01, 76, 02, 78, 31, 36. send your stories, motorbabies! :) i'll post a quiz...thingy

When Did You First Discover MCR?
pretty recently. in the last year or so. but i've always liked them on the rare occasions i heard them.

When Did You Start to Like MCR?
um...forever...but like i said i only started listening to them in the last year or so

Which Was Your First Song?
Teenagers :)

Which Was Your First Album?
well...i still don't own an actual album...i bought all the old stuff on iTunes, but that doesn't count so...Danger Days will be my first :)

What Was Your First Music Video?
The Black Parade

Which Band Member's Name Did You Learn First?
Gerard cuz, well, he's the singer lol

well, i'm pretty much depressed now.

so i see the thing about the st. louis show and i'm sooo fucking excited because, well, that's where i live. so i text all my friends, post shit on facebook, make epic plans, and look up the date. guess what? I HAVE EXAMS THE NEXT DAY. so i'll never be able to go and i'm pretty much depressed now. awesome.

best. week. EVER!!!

this week i reconnected from a friend i haven't talked to in about five years, i'm getting my braces off tomorrow, i'm finally getting my driving permit that i've been procrastinating way too long on, and MY CHEMICAL MOTHER FUCKING ROMANCE IS COMING TO MY HOMETOWN AND I CAN GET TICKETS ON FRIDAY!
thank you, MCR, you have officially made this the best week of my life.

dude. i live in stl

do you know how amazing it is to come on this site and the having the first thing you see be the name of the city you live in? it's like "well, i'm bored...hey lets check out, show in st. louis. well good for them...wait a second...HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT'S WHERE I AM!!!!!"


the concerts for this tour are going to be so epic!


IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE! that video is literally the most epic thing i have ever seen in my life!!! :D but the girl! first of all, why the hell did they let her wander through random zones on her own?! second, OMFGEE WTF ARE THEY GONNA DO WITH HER?! D: