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the sing video

did they just...die?! D': i'm literally crying that was the most tragic music video i've ever seen! not just because my favorite band just died, but that's a horrible story! D': so sad! they better come back to life or something! just so...sad...
maybe they'll brainwash them and bring them back to put them into the society, and then they'll end up snapping out of it. i'm just going to pretend that's what's going to happen...D'x
and you know what's interesting? in ghost of you, gerard got to watch mikey die, and here mikey get's to watch gerard die.

Gravity don't mean too much to me

bulletproof heart. probably my new favorite song. it just kinda goes along with what i'm going through right now. i love it <3 and na na na is probably the closest second that i've ever had in my list of favorite songs. but bulletproof heart...still the best.
what's your favorite song? seriously guys, i'd like to know. what are some favorites here?

know what's fun?

clicking the My Chemical Romance logo in the top left-hand corner. it's kinda entertaining, you should try it :)


That's what day it is, if you didn't know. And if you don't know what TWLOHA is, it's actually called To Write Love On Her Arms and basically it is a non-profit organization that helps and raises awareness for depressed, suicidal, and self-harming people and today is the day to raise awareness for that by writing "LOVE" on your arms. I've been just doodling on mine all day and ended up with a bunch of bleeding hearts around my purple "LOVE" and I'm very happy with it. I shall take pictures!

what's on November 3?

so i have four dates i'm looking forward to (actually really just 2 but the other ones add to the pattern and they're something i would look forward to if they were closer):
danger days: 11 days away
st. louis mcr concert: 33 days away
christmas: 44 days away
my birthday: 121 days away

look at that! they are all multiples of 11! i have windows 7 and i have the countdown gadgets so all of them are gonna count down with the same numbers!

just snooping...

well i'm just looking around at my older brother's old iTunes and i realized that Teenagers has the second highest play count on his library of 955 songs. i am so proud of him. he is the boy i got my music taste from, and it really shows. thanks, andrew!

now that THAT's over...

So for about a week I have been madly in love with this guy. But today I found out that he is with another girl as of today, I realized that I am not a part of his life at all and I am backing off. I'll just disappear from his radar. No big deal. I'm just letting you all know because...well...I just wanted to tell someone. To let it out into the world. I'm over him and I'm on to bigger, better, and more important things now. And I'm happy :) so...thanks for reading this pointless little blog that just makes me feel like I've told someone.

He broke me.

He "likes it rough". He is a virgin. He gives great massages. He carries brass knuckles wherever he goes. He is two years older than me. He is heartbroken over another girl that he still has feelings over. He likes music that I detest, and vice versa. He also likes decent music, though. He doesn't cut himself, but that makes him more dangerous. He's attempted suicide multiple times. He doesn't go to the same school as me. His favorite color is lightning blue. He wears his hair very short. He love the stars. He loves the moon. He loves the sky. He loves the dark.He lives in poverty. His parents don't care what he does. He refuses to smoke cigarettes. He smokes pot. He drinks every weekend to forget his pain.
Does this sound like the kind of guy (or you could pretend it's a girl if you are a guy) you would fall in love with the day you meet him? Apparently it is for me. I've been apathetic to literally everything for months, and he broke that. He broke me. Now I'm dizzy, my heart aches, and he won't get the fuck out of my mind. All I want is for him to be happy. I've never wanted that for anyone like this. I don't even want myself to be this happy. He broke me. The bastard...that I'm totally and completely in love with What do you think of him? What do I do? Anything? Please?


so...i'm kinda in love right when that happens we all know that it is literally impossible to pay attention to the spanish teacher, so instead i got out my handy dandy skinny red sharpie and doodled hearts all over my left palm. and it was a half day so i went home and i fell asleep...with my hand on my face. so now all of the pores on the left side of my face have been dyed red and i'm really, really hoping that it'll wash will be fun tomorrow if it doesn't, though XD

the fuck is wrong with me?

love is stupid, you know that? i met a guy two days ago, only talked to him for about four hours that day, and haven't talked to him since and he STILL won't get out of my head! wtf?! and i feel like such a creeper thinking constantly about someone that probably hasn't thought about me since he actually talked to me. so. fucking. annoying.
and just so you know i'm not hurt about him most likely not thinking about me i'm just annoyed that i'm still thinking about him. not to say i would mind him thinking about me... x) but i'm just gonna go ahead and doubt that