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Just like many, many others, MCR has saved my life. But now that I'm out of the dark (...mostly), I have a new problem. Now that I know I'll have a future, I don't know what to do with it. I've never really been the type to dwell on the future or the past, but suddenly I realize that, you know, it's there and I have to plan for it. Do you know what it's like to suddenly find out that you have 70 or so years ahead of you?

I wrote a poem!

And I want to know what you think. Btw, I am an atheist and it does have a touch of anti religious views, so don't hate me for that. The poem is called "Letting Go Is and Option" and I would appreciate it if you would read it and tell me what you think and not steal it :)
Religion is rusted, thick and stiff
With priests and popes
Reaching for wrists and ankles
With shackles.
Science is pliant and powerful
But sometimes the links are missing.
Heroes are perfect and plated in gold
But many are imaginary.
People are strong and slack
But sometimes they shake you off.
Self is strong and reliant

and here's one more
here's some pics
My Fears

I'm bored and procrastinating and have decided to post a list of my somewhat rationalized, but mostly irrational fears (in no particular order):
centipedes (or anything with more than 8 legs)
driving cars
alright some of these are more rational than they sound. Centipedes, however, are not. There is no reason for me to be afraid of them, they just creep me out.

Rock Is Dead

Hello! A lovely Killjoy named Roxieanne123 recently posted a blog acknowledging her favorite bands and lamenting modern music and wishing for a "rock revolution" and this sparked me to write this :) well, actually, this is (most of) the comment I posted on her blog but I thought it would be a good blog for myself and I kinda wanted to be able to hang onto it. Anyway, I'm gonna stop rambling and give way to ranting now :P
I think rock's time is up. It was popular for, what, half a decade?


This week, consisting of 2 essays, 3 tests, and a short story, is finally over! I can taste the freedom!!!!! (or is that the starburst...?) :D

Hey guys, guess what today is?

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows. Now go listen to some ass kicking music :P

My mom may or may cheating on my dad...

Alright now is the time for me to be spreading a crazy theory of mine that really doesn't have all that much support but it's the conclusion I've come to anyway. I don't care whether I'm right or I'm wrong, I really wouldn't be all that beat up about it, but I'd be so fucking pissed at her for my dad. He doesn't deserve it.

Whenever I say hello I think it in Gir's voice, you know that one time he does it really high and drawn out? "Helloo-oooo-ooooo-ooo!" idk, my nickname is Gir so that's probably why but I just wanted to point that out :P
Another thing I'd like to talk about today is music! :D I'm kinda on a music kick right now and have been attached to youtube and my ipod for the past 20-ish hours. Literally, I haven't dropped my earbuds even in my sleep.