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guess who just failed a theology exam?! :D


today i was at my dance competition and you can imagine i almost exploded of excitement when they announced the next dance as "Helena" they never have mcr music!!!

dear MCR and friends,

thanks for making my heart hurt.
sorry, watching I sound so stereotypically emo XD o well, i don't give a fuck.
xoxo to the MCRmy

my fav pics of frank...

my favorite pictures of frank. just saying.


i just had to do a project where i recast romeo and juliet with modern people. guess who made the cut? i have gerard as romeo, frank as mercutio (this one just seems so perfect!), mikey as benvolio, and ray as balthazar. so many other gorgeous people manged to get in too, johnny depp, robert downey jr, and will smith. i had so much fun looking up pics for this project.


today i realized that whenever I think about something I regret, I do a little gasp.

O yea, and today we were talking about a project we have to do for english class that we have to recast Romeo and Juliet and the person next to me was using justin bieber, miley cyrus, and zac efron just to name a few. I kinda wanted to smack her.


hello my friends this is actually mcr...itsanaddiction. I just got my computer reimaged and I couldn't remember my password and for whatever reason this site doesn't send me emails so I had to make a new account and now I'm sad :( just in case you cared :)