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having fun?

all this taunting and teasing, hints and red herrings! i'm having so much fun watching it all unfold, and trying to make sense of it all along the way! of course i want the new record out asap, but this is making the waiting game a hell of a lot more fun! ^_^

Feeding the Troll...

come on, guys. obviously there is a troll in the community and obviously some of you have not experienced this phenomenon before today. quit feeding it, it will go away. 55 comments on one post? that's ridiculous.

lol VMAs

yea i'm watching them just in case and justin beaver just came on and a little bile just came up TIME FOR THE IPOD!!!
and idk what that dj dude is supposed to be but it's fucking amazing!

i got to the top page on funnyjunk!!!

sorry...i found out and needed to let that out (yup, that's how sad my life is)...i feel accomplished ^_^
if you still care at this point here's the link add me if you wanna

9/12 finally

well this year's 9/11 has come and gone yet again. and this year it reminded me of the story of MCR's beginning. Gerard wanted to make a difference. Well, Gee, you did it. Congratulations. With the help of Matt, Bob, Mikey, Frank, and Ray you saved some lives, gave some hope, pissed a few people off, and created an army of a fan base so close-knit that it's forum is called a community and can only be compared to a family. It's my family at least. Thanks.

broken earbuds make broken hearts

so me, being the type that needs new earbuds every six months or so because they are so overused, broke my earbuds on friday :( this is serious i was just writing for english class that my ipod is my escape and i'd have a mental breakdown if something happened to it. this is so much worse. no earbuds means no laptop music either (i don't want other people hearing the music i listen to. if they did, with the people i live with, i'd probably be dubbed clinically insane or way depressed and be in rehab somewhere. i don't plan on doing that any time soon) so i went to look for some the other day and found some $40 heavy duty earbuds for "agressive listening" (TiTANS from skullcandy. look 'em up) these sound perfect for me because i go through these things faster than anyone i know but 1. my parents can't buy them for me right now because we're tight on funds 2. i don't have that kind of money and 3. if i did i still couldn't get them because i'm saving up for this school trip
so now i'm all depressed and music deprived and my dad gave me those ones that are earbuds but not fully in-ear and they hurt like fuck and i'm sad T-T FML

me+depression or insecurity+boredom=my arms are bleeding...

nope, not cutting. when i'm bored i need something to do with my hands. when i'm depressed or momentarily insecure for whatever reason that something is messing with the acne on my arms. not sure if this is a subconscious form of self-harm (i kinda hate that term. anyone else?) or what but my mom yells at me all the time for it and when she asks why i do it i really don't have an answer. my arms are all ripped up and i'll end up with scars once the acne clears up...if i ever let it. anyway, i just had to get that out there :)


weird...different...good...and back ^_^
my favorite part? click on tours. it says "Check back soon for more details on the upcoming tour." THE upcoming tour. idk maybe it said that before...but it reminded me that new CD means most likely another tour! yayayayayay!

People call me crazy :(

(this is not real. i made it up and decided to share it. my friends thought it was real. it is not.)

lots of people call me crazy, just because one time i got invited to these nice men's house for a sleepover (they were strange me...they only wore white) and they gave me this pretty jacket that helps me hug myself all day long ^_^ (that can tire your arms out very quickly, let me tell you) and now people call me crazy :( why are they so mean? those men were weird, but that doesn't make me crazy...


and happy unbirthday to all my friends of the MCRmy *<:D