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my youtube explained

some are a little confused about my youtube, so I'm just gonna explain a little. I just like taking random videos of my friends or whenever I'm outside because i never actually leave my home only on rare occasions...and i only have 2 friends. so out of the many little clips i take i just edit and make into a short video. I've privated one but so far i have 2 videos up. thank you to anyone who has complimented me. yeah i know my videos are strange but i enjoy them

Creepy Crawling

hi, i just posted my second youtube video so please take a look if you get the chance :-)


i dont know if im ready for may death never stop you. when i comes in the mail i may cry and smile at the same time. I CANT DO THIS

btw i recently made a youtube & MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO, so please take a look if you have the time c: from one mcr fan to the another. killjoys make some noise *cries bc crying is a noise*

P.S: SORRY ! i promise im not spamming , i just accidentally posted this 3 times &had to delete all of them, so here's the final one