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Is this normal?

I have an odd way of remembering memories. It's a little bit hard to explain, but here's an example: There was one day where I was out with my friend and we had decided to go to McDonald's. I got a medium vanilla milkshake and she got a large sweet tea. Right when we walked out the door I dropped my milkshake and it exploded all over the place. So just today I was riding in my moms car and we passed by the same McDonald's. I looked at the front door and what I saw was me and my friend replaying the milkshake incident.

I'm new here.

Hey everybody! I'm new here and I just thought i would bring up a little something that's been going on in my life.
Basically, I have absolutely no talents. This really sucks for me because my family is full of talent. My brother is a musical genius who can play anything from violin to flute and beyond, and he is an amazing percussionist. My older sister is a really good artist. She can draw, paint, or sew anything possible. My oldest sister is a great athlete. She is pretty much a local legend around my town when it comes to track.