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7 Facts About Me

I made a '7 facts about me' video if anyone's interested...

Sorry I sound weird but I have a cold >.<

so, yeah!

Venom Vos


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LGBT Trip?

Hey MCRmy, I kinda need help,
I started college in September it's incredible, I also joined this lgbt group, which is great and there's this trip on Wednesday, to do a meeting of the groups in the county, and I'm going, but due to traffic I might not be back at college in time for parents evening, I should be, but I'm worried that my mom might worry where I am, I'm not out to her, so I can't just say " I'm going on a trip for the lgbt meeting' it should be fine, but I feel like I need I tell her, I think you can get signed out easily, as the group leader is driving us there, so the college will sign me out, I don't think I need a note from my mom, but at the same time what if I'm not back in time? I don't even know what excuse I can use, so she knows where il be just not what about, I don't think I'm ready to come out to her, guys I need some advice? What should I do? Thanks Xo

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Happy birthday Vlad and Frank :)

Happy 1st birthday Vlad!
My little brother shares a birthday with Frank Iero....
but he lives in Spain, i miss him so freaking much. It's just not fair :'(

Anyway, it's an hour early for both, but happy birthday Frank and Vlad, im not allowed to call him Vlad, Im supposed to call him Vladimir, but f**k it...
Im feeling heart broken, but il call him later, and talk to my little sister too....
Why does life have to suck so much??
Ima go to bed...
Nighty night killjoys! Xo.

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I guess I want some advice?

I'm getting fed up with my mother saying ''It's about time you get a boyfriend'', there are guys at my college who flirt, but im not interested in guys, I like girls, its confusing, guys are okay, but im just not very attracted to them, my mom doesn't know though :/ I feel like I can be myself here though :)
I'm so fed up with her saying stuff like that though, it sucks :/
So basically, advice? Please?
thanks killjoys Xo.

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American Idiot The Musical!

I'm seeing it tomorrow!!
Ima be so tired, I have college first from 9-4:20, but it starts at 5pm so rather than getting the train home I get the train to southampton first >.<
Im not an adult im in england, so when I say college I mean like highschool, I believe...
I'm excited :D :D

Cya Killjoys! Xo.

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I don't know what i've done wrong... Someone help? Please? Xo.

I have a friend who doesn't talk to me anymore, we used to be really close, like extremely so, and now I've seen her once in 4 months, she does stuff with my other friends, like films etc, and i've tried to talk to her, and she either ignores me, or replys, but as though she's really annoyed...
She stayed at our schools 6th form, and I'm at a 6th form college, but she's not even trying to keep in contact, it's not the distance, because I have a friend the same distance, who also moved schools, but she keeps in contact with her, just not me... :/
I don't know what i've done, but I don't really know what to do about it.. ugh :(

On the slightly brighter side, but still fairly sad, it's Frank's birthday next month, it's also my little brother Vladimir's on the same , but he lives in Spain, with his mother and my father, and I probably won't see him for at least 4-5 years, if ever :(

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Orange - Elektron Gun

I love this band, i've seen them live twice, they are AMAZING...
Give them a go, listen to the video, if you do become a fan and see them live, you get to meet the lead singer, and sometimes the rest of the band, they come out and see you, and check everyone's okay..
They're amazing!!


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Beaver Falls..

My friend suggested to me that I watch beaver falls, and although i've only watched the first 2 episodes, whoever does their music must be an MCR fan, both episodes have had an MCR song in them :D

Made my day!

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Good GCSE results :)

I got 1 B (last year), 5 C's, 1 D, and 1 E, [GCSEs] I'm quite happy considering I've been ill I'm happy, my mom's not pissed off at me so that's good...
I hope to do better at my A Levels but I'm happy, I feel like hell now, so I'm gonna eat my cereal and go to sleep >.<

:) Xo.

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I'm so tired.. >.<

I want to sleep, but I can't I'm hyper, and my head is killing me :@
I've taken pain-killers but the pain keeps just getting worse, I'm so fed up, ive been putting up with this for almost 3 years :@

I get my GCSE results tomorrow, and I'm scared, I start college in like 12 days, and I'm excited but also really scared, cause ive been bullied for 12 years (I'm 16), so yeah :/

uurrgghhh >.<
On the bright side, my neighbours daughter is on holiday, and my neighbour's looking after her dog (bordercollie), but she's got a bad back, so I get to walk the dog instead :D
I felt like hell this morning, and heck, I still do.. But I'm proud of myself, because after 4 hours of sleep, I still got out of bed and dressed by 8:15am and took the dog for a walk, then this evening at 6ish I took the dog out again, for an hour! :)
Tomorrow I'll take her out in the morning, probably to ballard lake in the morning, then for a wander in the evening, I love dog walking! :)