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Happy Birthday Dave Mustaine.... and me

So today is me and Dave Mustaines' birthday. I just saw his band this past Saturday with iron maiden for my birthday.... best present ever!:)

I Survived

So I survived my first week of high school. Nobody has bullied yet and I finally found friends. One of them was at the Fall Out Boy concert I went to in June XD. Sadly I only see her in art and lunch and she introduced me to this girl in my geometry class that listens to some of the bands I listen to. I also met this guy named Ameir. He and I are now dating<3 He listens to the same bands I listen to and he is really nice. Sadly we don't have any classes together and have a different lunch:'( On other news.... I'm going to a IRON MAIDEN AND MEGADEATH concert tomorrow!!!!!XD
Later Killjoys,

Summer Has Come and Passed...

So summer break is almost done. School will start this starting on Tuesday. I'm starting high-school. I'm scared. I haven't been to a normal school since I was in the 7th grade, I did online school. I have only one friend but she's going to a different high-school. I don't know what to expect. At least the school is across the street from my house if I need to ditch one day. Sorry if this was a boring blog.
Later Killjoys <3,

Happy Birthay Riley

So today is one of my little brothers birthdays! He's turning 11 today:) And the awesome thing is that we are visiting our grandparents in North Carolina so he gets to celebrate his birthday here unlike my other brother and I. My present for Riley(my brother) is going to be a drawing of a sea turtle and a zombie hand holding a cupcake in kind of an Alister Dippner style(he's and artist I look up to and also he's the artist for the band Ghost Town.) I hope that I can get the drawings done in time! Later Killjoys!


Best Day Ever

So my dad and I just bought tickets to see IRON MAIDEN!!! The concerts on September 7 in Kansas City. I can't wait! Maiden is the first band I've ever listened to. They are also my favorite band( and my dad's) I'm so happy and this will be a chance to rebuild my relationship with him.

My First Concert!

Last night I saw one of my favorite bands: FALL OUT BOY! It was amazing to see them, I've been listening to them since I was 6 years old(I'm almost 15.) When they played a song called "Save Rock and Roll," I started bawling, there was so much emotion put behind the song. I'm so happy that my cousin/ best friend and her mom invited me to the concert. Is there any Killjoys out there that are Fall Out Boy fans?

Congrats Ronnie Radke!

Today marks the birth of Willow Radke. She is the new-born daughter of Falling in Reverse's frontman Ronnie Radke. I'm so happy for him<3

The End

So I just saw the post from MCR:( I just wanted to thank Gerard, Frank, Ray and MIkey for being there for me this past year. They saved my life. I will always be greatful for them. They helped my little brothers too. MCR will be in our hearts always. We will be Killjoys to the end.


So Long and Goodnight

Right now I'm listening to the band Suicide Silence and trying not to cry... I miss Mitch Lucker so much! If it wasn't for him, I would have continued doing destructive things. I never got to thank him:'(
later killjoys,

The World Is Ugly

I just found out that one of my grandpas is in the hospital... He isn't doing so good:'( I love you Grandpa Smith. Please get better.