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bleak times

It's good to remember the humanity of everyone around us. Remember that the people exposed... judged... flattened to the core with expectations... they're human. And they have emotions. And it's easy to blah-blah-blah online... and it's easy to dismiss things... easy to forget the possible effect words can have on another... but it's also easy to see. If you write something online, they'll see it. And even if they can choose to brush it off, the words will still be there. and it can harm.

It can still hurt. It can still leave a person reeling, unguarded. and even a response can get misunderstood. sometimes... silence isn't indifference, but a reaction.

when sincere people get treated like liars...
when hard working people get treated like divas...
when insecure people get treated like cold-hearted snakes...

even if online, it can hurt.
remember humanity.

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make a mess

Ever wonder why people conform? Why people are so convinced when others tell them how to live? Why we want to be loved by people we'll never know exist? Why we let ourselves secure our future all the way to the ground where we'll rot???

I've never liked people telling me what to do. Advice is one thing, but when you get judged for trying your hardest to live what you think is your right way to live... and someone comes up and tells you "that's not the right way"

I hate it when people decide there's only one way to be. and the people that don't fit this are crazy or stupid or a-holes
why can't we just drop the egos and be ourselves? why do we try so hard to be cool?

and i hate that it bothers me.
others telling me how to live and threatening me with possible outcomes.
like "oh, well if you wanna go that route, good luck, cos this is what's gonna happen"

who knows? for sure?
well, if we all just followed the leader, where would we go?