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Regarding My Other Blog

My other blog about my mom, I know being bulimic is a serious disease and such, and I know how hard it is. My friends have gone through it, and i've been quote.. "okay" with it.


My mom is a fucking retarded stupid bitch. She's bulimic and it pisses me the fuck off. She acts like we don't know. but she is such a mother fucking idiot. She's a fucking SCHOOL NURSE. SHE'S ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AGAINST THAT. Idiot. Fucking bitchh. It pisses me off so much. I'm just to angry to confront her about it because i know really mean shit will be said. all of it from me. I feel the need to blog about this because i honestly don't know any of you ( even though I do in a weird way) so i don't have to worry about you judging me for it. Me, I would never do that.

Hey Killjoys..

Hey Everyone..! I decided to ignore my self c conciseness (if that's how you spell it) and put videos of me singing on youtube, just some shtuff like that. So i thought I would ask some killjoys just to check out my channel once I upload some videos..? It would be so nice of you guys(:
I know I can have some of my fellow killjoys behind me..
You guys are so awesome(:
We're a kickass family... everyone of us.♥


Does anyone know if MCR has a fan mail adress...? If you do know, please tell me what it is! I found like 5 billion different ones.. :/


As awesome as the title sounds, sadly, I actually have no pictures when I'm with Gee, Frank, Ray, and Mikey, but I have them of the concert! I just found a few awesome ones that my aunt took! I'm so happy!


Killjoys we need to keep ALL the East Coast Killjoys in our thoughts and prayers because of the hurricane!!!! God Bless You ALL!! Stay safe out there guys♥


Okay so I was going through my computer yesterday and I found some videos of me singing a bunch of my chem songs and instead of just trashing them, I was wondering if I should post them on here? So, should I? I think the songs are Famous Last words, Black Parade, I don't love you, and some other stuff off of revenge, and black parade.. soo yeah(:
Just tell me if you think I should!

Schoooooooooooooool. Bleh!

School wasn't bad today! I freaking love my comp teacher! He's awesome! although, he said this in class... how many of you, think about death? no one raised their hands... but I was on the inside.. Because I think about it all the time. What happens if I die tomorrow? What would've I have accomplished by then? Stuff like that.. I almost cried.... it was a long day.. but, the class was awesome. (:

Back To Hell

First day of school today.... It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... but at least it's over. Sadly though, I won't be on here as much. :(

Rethinking Everything

I'm rethinking everything if that makes sense. I don't know.. I want to be like Gerard. I want to be able to GET OUT of all the sadness and depression I go through, and amount to something afterwords. I don't know what I'll do.. I mean, I am only 13, but I guess I'll do something. I just can't live like this anymore! I hate it. I hate always crawling to people for help. Like this one guy. I feel the safest talking to him, but I know I can't rely on him to make me feel better every time something happens. I have to count on myself. I know I can do it.