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Homecoming tonight! No, I'm not in high school but i get to go with my sister & take pictures and look pretty(:
All her friends are excited about me coming too, so that makes me happy!
Wish me luck on not falling down in these heels! I'll post pictures later!
xo, Secret Sunshine

People Are Annoying Idiots.

So I got called really immature today by a friend of mine.. Yeah. I'm immature. I don't see you dealing with your friends eating disorder, your other friends self harming issues, and a shitload of other stuff. Yeah, YOU get yelled at everyday for being loud and running around and acting like a 3 year old and I'm immature. You're a fucking idiot and needs to be quiet. You're the immature one...
-secret sunshine


THAT'S IT. I'M GOING TO FUCKING MEET MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW... OR WHEN... BUT I'M GOING TO DO IT! I HAVE TOO! I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO DO THIS.. IT'S LIKE A MISSION. WHY AM I STILL WRITING IN CAPS!?!? Anyways, I have to meet them. I'm dead serious. I hope God is on my side for this and helps me with this.. but maybe he wants me to do it all by myself, so I'll work really hard and have faith in something i really love. I don't know... But, what I do know is, I'm going to meet them. I have this huge rush of confidence and faith in myself. Let's hope it stays.

I'm a Thief.... (:

Put your iPod on shuffle and see what song comes on for each category(: And....... BEGIN!:

1. If I had a band it'd be called: Nightmares- Secondhand Serenade

2. When I die, my headstone will say: The Adventure- Angles & Airwaves

3. At my wedding, in my vows I will say: Reach For The Sky- Secondhand Serenade

4. If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Start The Machine- Angles & Airwaves

5. When my boyfriend makes me mad I tell him: Dental Care- Owl City

6. When I party I like to: Still Around- 3OH!3

7. When people send me annoying forwards, I scream: Lithium- Nirvana

8. When I go


Hey guys.. question, should I upload another video?
a little info of my weekend, I went to a party, and I ended up sneaking out and no one noticed for like 20 minutes, and I was sitting outside in the cold all by myself, until ONE person asked if I was okay, and it was this really nice guy named Austin. ANYWAYS, I'd rather not get into that.
so more videos...?
xo, secret sunshine ♥

Happy October!(:

Happy October Killjoys!!! I'm so happy it's like, FINALLY October.. that means two things... Halloween.. and Frank's birthday!!! (:
This should be a good month(:
xo, Secret Sunshine

I Just Don't Know

I don't even know what this blog is going to be about... Maybe just a run of my day? Sure, why not. School was good, cheer was fun! Tomorrow their is a state baseball game and we have fan buses where if you want to go to the game, you sign a permission slip and you get to go to the game, ride the fan bus, and have fun. Well, since it's a baseball game, I didn't really want to go because it's outside, and I really don't wanna be outside all day. So ALL my friends are going besides 1 of them.

Why Me?

Got called emo today. It's the first time this year.. and I totally lost it. I ended up crying in the bathroom with my friend because of it. AND ON TOP OF IT the friend who told me ( her name is ali) about the guy who called me that ( his name is caidin ) IS MAD AT ME! She kept telling me that I shouldn't let it get to me. but NEWSFLASH ALI! THIS SHIT KILLS PEOPLE. AFTER 4 YEARS OF CONSTANT NAME CALLING, SOMETIMES YOU BREAK DOWN. I'm not even mad at her!!! Yet, she thinks I am, and that's what pissed her off. God. not my fucking day. I just wish people would stop it.

Me Singing! I Finally Uploaded It! Oh God..

Yeah.. so me doing a cover of Paramore's That's What You Get(:
I know.. it sucks, but whatever. I don't care... I think it's not horrible.. so that's pretty good. I would really appreciate it if my fellow killjoy family would take a look at it?
I love you guys so much♥
xo, Secret Sunshine (:

heres the link again(:


If I don't get more people to do this bully project.. unfortunetly, i won't be able to do the project ):
SO PLEASE! I need more people to join! Don't be afraid! Here's a chance to tell YOUR story!
Thanks so much!
xo, Secret Sunshine