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What?!? So I heard some girl did something crazy to Frank and now NO more meet & greets!? Someone tell me the truth! This is horrible.

I've Come To Realize Something....

Today, I've just realized that MCR saved me. They made me happier. Each and every one of the band members. Gerard made me smile and feel saved. Frank always made me laugh. Mikey made me think that sometimes being quiet is better. And Ray made me think about random things that also got me to smile. They are all amazing people. And I guess I wanted to thank them. Because of them, I can actually look at myself, and not be ashamed. Thank you MCR.

I Just Figured Out That Homework and MCR Don't Go Together...

So, this is pretty much a completely random thing... but yeah. Okay so I had this HUGE project due on Friday and on Thursday I was working on it.. welll, trying to work on it. I got really bored just working on it so I turned on some music, ( My Chemical Romance of course ) and then, 3 HOURS LATER, I looked at the clock and saw it was 11 at night and I had gotten nothing done prior to me turning on MCR... and if you hadn't already figured it out, for 3 hours straight, I was singing and dancing along to MCR.. yeah, not my best working habits.. (:
But anyways, I learned that MCR and HUGE ASS


What a freaking AMAZING surprise(:
I'm so totally freaking happyyy(:
♥ MCR Foreverrrrrr♥♥♥♥♥

My Chem Concert Tonight... and I Won't Be There D:

Tonight is the night of the concert I really wanted to go to! :(
I'm sooo BLEHH!
I love My Chemical Romance(:


So, my mother wouldn't let me go to the concert.. :(
Sad, yes. BUT, in place of the concert, ( although I still REAALLYYY wanna go) she bought me 2 of the MCR jackets! Gerard and Mikeys! Not that I have favorites of the band, I love all of them!(:
I just liked that jackets better(:
About the concert, I was kinda scared to go a smidge... I mean... I'm not the tallest or strongest person in the world.. I mean.. I'm 5"4 (and only 13) and I weigh like 100...
So, mosh pits and loud, screaming, crazy people, kind of scare me... you know.. just a little..
I am SO EXCITED about the jackets though!

MCR Concerts and Mothers..

I've never "blogged" before but here I go!
The ONE MCR concert I can actually go to just HAS to be on a school night.. and my mother won't let me go... even if the concert is only 4 hours away instead of one that is 6-8 hours away. If anyone has any advice on how to convince her... it would be GREATLY appreciated.. (:

MCR foreverrr(: