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oh no.. My Chem Ending?

So guys, I heard that if/when MCR releases the song called "The World Is Ugly" it's the ending of the band. Think about it guys.. throwing away set lists? Recording studios? Yeah, I mean, they could be making another album, but really.. this is possible. Our idols and inspirations.. could be done with. Gone forever. I'm crying. If you haven't heard the song, look it up. YOU WILL CRY. The live versions are the best. I hope that it's not true.. I don't even know what to do if that happens.
Much love,
Secret Sunshine..

Hey Everyone.

Hey guys, how is everyone? I'm a little shitty right now. I'm just feeling down. Nothing out of the ordinary. But how are you guys? What's going on in your ever so interesting lives?
Secret. (too lazy to write sunshine. haha. )

stolen bitcheesssss

1. Height: 5'4

2. Virgin? yes and fucking proud!

3. Shoe size: 7 (womens)

4. Sexual Orientation: straight

5. Do you smoke? nah. it's nasty.

6. Do you drink? nope

7. Do you take drugs? nope

8. Age you get mistaken for: 17ish

9. Tattoos? none yet!

10. Piercings? ears, and soon to be lip.

11. Best friend? of course! But she moved really far away :(

12. Relationship status: single and sad. :(

13. Favorite movies: Harry Potter, any horror movie, Crazy Stupid Love ( Ryan Gosling is sexy as FUCK <3 )

14. Someone you miss: my grandfather

15. Most traumatic experience: when a tornado almost came

Algebra and Procrastination

FIRST OFF, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIND COEFFICIENTS.... and turn them into fractions? I swear, math is out to get me. I'm so terrible at it. Plus, I have this enormous packet due TOMORROW and I'm nowhere near done because I've been on here for a little bit. Did I mention it's almost midnight? GAHHHH.

Another Video?

Hey guys, should I do another video? I'm a smidge discouraged because I'm not fucking AMAZING. Opinions on songs? i"m open to anything besides screamo, i love it, but I can't scream for the life of me. haha.

I'm Ready To Go

I'm so bored with my life! I want adventure! I want to leave the country, meet new people, do new things! I guess it's just spring fever, the urge to get outside and be free. But hey, if anyone wants to have a killjoy hangout, hit me up mann. XD

love you guys.
secret sunshine

Message Me Up Folks!

Hey everyone! I'm just dying to talk to some new killjoys. I love the one's i talk to now, but I want to make more killjoy friends on here(:
Message me lovelies! (:

secret sunshine

asdklfasdkfjaf I.AM.SO.PISSED.

I HATE PEOPLE. HOLY JESUS CHRIST. My friend Jake is pissed at me, BEYOND pissed, because I told his GIRLFRIEND he got a blowjob by some random chick. Note: this was wayyyy before they even dated. Seriously, his girlfriend kinda needed to know that, don't you think? I CAN BARELY CONTROL MYSELF. I WANT TO SERIOUSLY THROW MY TV IN HIS FACE.


Shit, I haven't been on in forever.How are you guys? I'm pretty good myself. Bored as fuck with my everyday routine. I need some adventure. Any ideas?
Secret Sunshine