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nascar and 80s music

hey guys im in washington right now hangin with my grandma Pat.i was being tortured by this old computer erlier because i wanted to listen to Planetary (GO!) but it kept stopping,buffering,and finally giving up so i had to find another thing to do while it rebooted.i ended up reading a whole book,eating homemade popcorn,sneaking beef jerkey,and screaming unhumane things at the computer while singing You know what they do to guys like us in prison and started working again after god-knows-how-long of me fiddling with stuff (thank Geesus ive been using a computer since i was 2) (dammit


Today something tragic happened! I had brought a cookie to school so I could eat it with lunch. I forgot to grab the cookie at lunch so I thought to myself,"Oh I'll just eat it after school!" and when the time came I went to get the cookie and IT WASNT THERE!!!!!!! Who would do something like that?!?!?! I think I'll buy a alarm for my cookies or some kind of locked box that you need a key to open,and then kinda russian doll the box from that point on. I think you might get what I'm trying to say.

Hey people who give a damn about my blogs

Hey people I'm curious how you found my blog even tho I made it like a week ago or sumthin like that?

Swimming in my own tears

I'm bawling right now!it's hard to type because I can't see through my tears!I was wanting to go to one of the concerts in California because I live in Oregon and I wasn't being observant enough to notice that the one that said "LA" on it meant Louisianna!I've been waiting to go to one of their concerts since I was 7!I missed my chance and now I can't stop the feeling of diamonds and razor blades in my empty soul and broken heart


I think some of the stuff in the store is overpriced!all I want is something that has to do with Party Poison,and I find out that it's $100!!!!what the fuck is that all about?!?!