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what is the most extremely crazy thing youve ever done?

read the title. answer. my answer: i stabbed a dude in the arm with a sharp,pointy stick.yeah,i did that.


Yup! I'm about 97% obcessed now! I have to have some room for others ya know!Anyway I thought I was only around 80% until I noticed that i made:
1.a blog
2.a twitter
3.a facebook
4.a space on my wall for pictures
5.a YouTube
and this list goes on! All that is so I can talk about,talk to,listen to,and look at them! Pretty much everything I do has SOMETHING to do with MCR! For some reason that doesn't worry me…… should it?


Once again, I'm posting a question cuz I'm bored. The question is: if you could be anywhere for a day where would you go? My answer is a undecided "with MCR" or "Hell". It's obvious why I'd want to be with MCR(mostly Gee!), but Hell is so I know what TRUE pain is. There's only one thing more painful than Hell, and that's realizing ur already in Hell…anyway i want to start whining about how shitty life is right now. So answer! U CAN EVEN ASK ME SOMETHING! Ugh I am gonna take a nap.

Ugh curiousity again!

How tall is Frankie? I just had to ask! I know that he was around 4 foot 9 inches when they made Helena. Plz answer cuz I must know!

Who is your favorite band member?

Yes I'm asking one of those very simple favorite is yeah I am bored and curious.
P.S. It can be old drummers too

I love mornings

How I start my day:
1.put high heels on
2.grab 2 cookies
3.lay on bed and watch every possible thing about MCR I can with my iPhone

Rumor that I heard bout Mikey

Ok I want to if this is true,I heard Mikey is bipolar! Is this true? Tell me in the comments cuz I am really in need of some answers!

Happy birthday to me!(a little late tho)

My birthday was on Friday! I got the BEST present EVER! My mom gave me AUTOGRAPHS FROM GERARD AND FRANK! The only thing better than that would be tickets to the concert and backstage passes! Btw I turned 12!

Sleep turns Ray on

Wow I only lasted one day! That's kinda obcessive! I just passed out,but my sis walked in and I jumped up and was like "shit i'm late for school!" then I noticed it was 8:20 PM! Haha I'm an idiot!

to Savannah Epperly's grandmothers house we go!

I'm at my bfff Savannah Epperly's grandmothers house mofos!she is also a killjoy!