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Yup! I'm about 97% obcessed now! I have to have some room for others ya know!Anyway I thought I was only around 80% until I noticed that i made:
1.a blog
2.a twitter
3.a facebook
4.a space on my wall for pictures
5.a YouTube
and this list goes on! All that is so I can talk about,talk to,listen to,and look at them! Pretty much everything I do has SOMETHING to do with MCR! For some reason that doesn't worry me…… should it?


Once again, I'm posting a question cuz I'm bored. The question is: if you could be anywhere for a day where would you go? My answer is a undecided "with MCR" or "Hell". It's obvious why I'd want to be with MCR(mostly Gee!), but Hell is so I know what TRUE pain is. There's only one thing more painful than Hell, and that's realizing ur already in Hell…anyway i want to start whining about how shitty life is right now. So answer! U CAN EVEN ASK ME SOMETHING! Ugh I am gonna take a nap.

Ugh curiousity again!

How tall is Frankie? I just had to ask! I know that he was around 4 foot 9 inches when they made Helena. Plz answer cuz I must know!

Who is your favorite band member?

Yes I'm asking one of those very simple favorite is yeah I am bored and curious.
P.S. It can be old drummers too

I love mornings

How I start my day:
1.put high heels on
2.grab 2 cookies
3.lay on bed and watch every possible thing about MCR I can with my iPhone

Rumor that I heard bout Mikey

Ok I want to if this is true,I heard Mikey is bipolar! Is this true? Tell me in the comments cuz I am really in need of some answers!

Happy birthday to me!(a little late tho)

My birthday was on Friday! I got the BEST present EVER! My mom gave me AUTOGRAPHS FROM GERARD AND FRANK! The only thing better than that would be tickets to the concert and backstage passes! Btw I turned 12!

Sleep turns Ray on

Wow I only lasted one day! That's kinda obcessive! I just passed out,but my sis walked in and I jumped up and was like "shit i'm late for school!" then I noticed it was 8:20 PM! Haha I'm an idiot!

to Savannah Epperly's grandmothers house we go!

I'm at my bfff Savannah Epperly's grandmothers house mofos!she is also a killjoy!

nascar and 80s music

hey guys im in washington right now hangin with my grandma Pat.i was being tortured by this old computer erlier because i wanted to listen to Planetary (GO!) but it kept stopping,buffering,and finally giving up so i had to find another thing to do while it rebooted.i ended up reading a whole book,eating homemade popcorn,sneaking beef jerkey,and screaming unhumane things at the computer while singing You know what they do to guys like us in prison and started working again after god-knows-how-long of me fiddling with stuff (thank Geesus ive been using a computer since i was 2) (dammit