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i wanna find some vegitarians and vegans¡!!!!!!!!

Tay already knows this, but I became a vegitarian a few days ago. I'm just curious if anyone who might be reading this is a vegitarian or vegan. And don't be shy! That's my job!

i stole this from some chick on

We've fired the bullets,and felt the revenge. We are lacking the romance. We've faced the bullies, and we gave 'emhell, Thenhung 'emhigh. We've marched downCemetery Drive &we are now prepared to march in The Black Parade. No one loves us, so we don't love you, and these are our Famous Last Words.

Here'sto the kids who were never okay, who brought their bullets inreturn for your love. To the kids who live life onthe murder scene,seeking revenge on those who wronged them. To the kids who lost their fear of falling, who refuse to drink to show their support for Gerard's decision.

im using the kindle i just got!!!!!

I just got a kindle (obviously) and I'm blogging it!!!!!!!!! God I'm so lucky!!!!! I'm gonna be playing with it for a while!!!!!!!! I'm so FUCKING happy!!!!!!!!!

Ive been reading fanfic for the past 5 weeks straight

random title...i just wanted to post something. i don't really have anything to talk about so ill just ask another question.

whats your favorite animal (imaginary ones accepted)???

as you may know, i answer my own questions unless i don't have an answer. here's my answer.....................HUMPACZELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a animal i made up for a writing thing at school!!! its a alpaca's head,human's torso,and a gazelle's lower half !!!!!!!!!!!!
god im fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ummm....I just had a dream about this website....scary! I had been sent a message from someone, but it saidit was for someone else! WTF!

Another god damn question

1.Question:What is the wierdest MCR fanfic you've ever read?
My Answer: The Devil's Takin' Names/Somewhere Out There

2.Question:What is your least favorite song by anyone?
My Answer: to be honest, anything by justin bieber or lady gaga! I hate them cuz they're justin's awful and gaga scares me more than marylin manson(or however you spell it)

Fanfic,bagels,and apple juice

I'm bored! I'm eating a bagel while reading an odd fanfic. Frankie is a merman in this! Hahaha I love how I tried to find something normal and I found...that! I'm asking my friends if they wanna come over for apple juice! Fun! I've moved from a bagel to Mexican food! Question: does anyone like Axe dark temptation? My answer: HELL YES! I once sniffed a dudes shirt for 10 minutes cuz he was wearing it! :D

Just saying this...

I wanted to let everyone know that I LOVE it when people comment! That is all.

You make me smile when I'm sad,laugh when I am overloaded with stress,and make me think in positive ways! I'm so happy that I sent you that first message! You have kept me happy during this rough time. I have only known you for a short amount of time, but I would trust you if you told me anything. I came to this website to find killjoys like me, and you are the complete opposite! I thought I wanted to find someone just like me! I was COMPLETELY wrong! I'd have nothing to talk about if we thought the same way!


dont you hate it when you are waiting for someone to reply,and you have a limited amount of time? i do. i feel excited when i get on,and then i feel like i just got b***h slapped by some person when i see NOTHING! i cant stand it! i feel lonely and ignored when it happens!