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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mikey Way! Hope you have a good 31st!
- Toxic Sunset

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mikey Way! Hope you have a good 31st!
- Toxic Sunset


Happy Birthday Ray!!!

MCR at T in the Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I can't believe they are playing. It's so wierd cause the last time I was at T in the Park a couple of years ago they were playing and I have tickets this year and they are playing again. I'm so excited there are so many other great people on the line up as well. Yay!

To anyone who missed MCR on radio 1's stories

If you missed it you can listen to it again online. Go on radio 1's website and click on djs and shows, then click on radio 1s stories and MCR's story will be there. There are 7 days left to listen to it. Hope this helps. Toxic Sunset :-)

Glasgow 15th Feb

That night just made my life! The show was crazy and afterwards I met mcr and got their signatures, it still doesn't seem real!!!!! I also thought that the first support act, Lost Alone, were really good,

Toxic Sunset :-)

Gerard Way is Toby Lerone!!!

Listen up killjoys!
Gerard Way was just on radio 1 talking to Zane Lowe it was only for a couple of minutes but if you want to hear it you could get it on iplayer.

Just to say...

Happy Halloween!, hope everyone is having a great day and Happy Birthday!!! to Frank :-)

Edinburgh Show

One word...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was one of the best nights of my life MCR were crazy and the crowd was amazing. They played all my favourite songs it was out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Killjoy Name

Toxic Sunset

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