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MATH class never been so funx3

Free time.
45 minutes
Hell yeah

:D AAAAAh, I dunno what to name this

Yesterday at Barnes n Nobles, I looked for comics, got coffee and my mom said I walk weird..

There was this dude with huge gauges and tattoos... skinny jeans&chucks.
He was a great father though.
Reminded me of Frank. x3

I'm in school at the moment :3

It's official; Gamestop people are the BEST.

-Fatal Threat xoxo


Thanks for all the Killjoys that had tried to help me when I was upset (Last post)
It means a lot.... olot. x3

Also thanks to MCR because they've managed to save my life once more.
Just proves how amazing this band is.

~Fatal Threat xoxo (:

Feeling like shit...

Okay, my girlfriend who I've been with for over... 9 months, I call her Frankie and she calls me Gee.
So that's like, /our thing./
And it means alot.
And recently she has decided she can't trust me and she's not calling me Gee anymore and just by my first name.
I know it sounds pathetic, but it hurts.
So here I am, wanting to cry and listening to the instrumental version of SING.
And she accidentally called me Gee and I felt really happy... then she took it back and said she meant to say Olivia.
I don't know if she's hurting just as much as I am, but I just want it to end.
Any words of

Repost If You Would Be Unbelievably Happy If...

-every popular person in your school just dropped dead.
-everyone you hate just dropped dead.
-everyone you love who died came back in their place.
-you could dye your hair as many times as you wanted without worrying about it falling out or getting damaged somehow.
-Kurt Cobain was still alive.
-love would stop hurting you and only come when you met the person you were meant to be with forever.
-the world would just die and start over the way is was before.
-you could be a ghost.
-revenge was an obligation and a virtue.
-no one defined beauty as perfection, genericness, or being

My fucked up imagination story.

I lay on the field of open grass. Wish flowers blew in the wind. I followed them mentally. The lost wishes. The dreams. All captivated into that tiny flower. Now it’s blowing in the light wind.
I sighed and laid my head back down on my wrists.
I was weak.
I don’t know what world you would call this. What planet you would consider it. But it’s not Earth, or whatever that’s called.
It’s nothing like Earth here. No sanity. No rules. No boundaries. Just chaos and war. Hurt and blood.
Blood blood blood.
Blood and more blood.

Whatever land this is, it’s mostly open fields.



You'll always be a shooting star.
"Be a burning star if it takes all night. So just save yourself and I'll hold them back tonight."


This picture is for all the fallen soldiers in the MCRmy.
They have gotten bullied, beaten hospitalized, and unfortunately, did not make it.
They died in vain, but they will forever be in my heart. Even if I do not know these Killjoys, when I found out they have died, I felt a twist in my little black heart.
I will always sing for them. They will never be forgotten, always loved. "Your memory will carry on... we'll carry on... and though you're dead and gone believe me..."
They'll always be with us.

Repost ~

MY PART: Reading what this girl wrote almost made me cry. They're family, and we're all in this army together. I hate seeing dead soldiers on grounds. It makes me have a twist in my heart even if I don't know the soldier. I care for them. Forever in my heart and never forgotten

The world is ugly

"The world is ugly... but you're beautiful to me."

I know I'm blogging alot, but I DON'T CARE! These soldiers DESERVE to be remembered and I will never stop spreading the word.
We are all in this army together. Seeing a dead soldier on grounds puts a twist in my heart.

"There's an ache in my heart... there's a burden in my eyes."

I will aways have these special family members in my heart. I think about them daily and they're written on my skin.
I wish we could all have a big funeral for these lovely Killjoys like in Helena.