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Happy Birthday David Bowie!

It was trending on Twitter! --- #HappyBirthdayDavidBowie.
I don't know about you, but I'm listening to Heroes!

I finally don't feel like a failure!

In gym for the past two days I've been playing floorhockey.
I stopped a lot of goals and scored the winning one today.
I felt amazing.
I'm getting to love hockey again. :'3
My team won today (Obviously, I said I won the winning one) even though my team lost yesterday.
Oh well! :D

Happy New Years!!!!!

I slept over my girlfriend's house. We watched Ridiculousness, Jackass videos, videos of dogs talking, and Dexter. At 11:59, we kissed, and stopped after Midnight.
Kiss that lasted a year.
Fuck yeah... this year is already great.
My best memory of 2011 was seeing My Chemical Romance, Blink 182 and Matt&Kim live in Camden, New Jersey, Susquehanna Bank Center on September 17th.
Also getting together with my lovely girlfriend on March 3rd. If I was never with her, I probably wouldn't have gone to the concert.
She is the best thing that has happened to me.
Hope you guys have a great new years!

You know what bothers me?

When you're in the kitchen, and you've been sitting in the same spot for hours,
and your poppop thinks it's just peachy to just sit down next to me and light a cigarette.
And in gym, I always get yelled at by the fucking stupid gym teacher because I keep saying I can't run; I have bad lungs and I've been unwillingly second hand smoking all my life.
She says "Tell them to smoke outside."
Even if I'm here first, I get fucking kicked out of the fuckign room.
Fucking cunts.

Smoking is only sexy when Frank or Gerard does.

Steve Harris is amazing.

Nuff said.


You guys made me feel really loved... :'3
And the fact I don't even know you guys made me feel really great. x'3
You all gave fucking amazing suggestions of what to do and I have them mentally noted.
I can't thank you guys enough.
Just... thank you all <3

-With love, Fatal Threat. xoxo

Please please please

I'm getting suicidal...
My sister keeps shouting "IM GONNA KILL YOU!!"
My family&girlfriend... they should be the ones that should most likely believe&support me, right? WRONG!
and i'm just a naturally depressed person.
This fucking sucks.
Music isn't even helping and that's getting me to panic mode.
I'm almost near tears now, so i'm gonna leave.
Prayin to god even if there is one that MCR can save my life again.

--xoxo Olivia. aka Fatal Threat

Dear MCRmy,

Stop fucking fighting!
I thought we were a family.
You guys are just ignoring MCR's pledge: Be respectful.
We're a family.
We all belong.
Why don't you remember that?

-x/o Fatal Threat

Merry christmas

Merry xmas killjoys