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boyfriend and crush???

hey guys... Schools here :(.. but anyway its sorta fun (weirdest thing ive said all day..) but anyway... my boyfriend I started dating during the last week of school and through out the summer... ahem BUT I found out yesterday and today, he had been dating 7 GIRLS during the summer... and im NOT AT ALL happy. and my loyal friends had told me that NOW, he is dating a girl in California, another girl at the same school, and mwah (me). soooo I haven't broken up with him YET. but that's the first thing on my "To do list". 2nd thing yall need to know is ive kinda had a crush on a kid at the beginning of this. I saw him in athletics in the morning and hes really cute. but hes not the jock type. more nerdy/geeky.. kinda like Mikey. I mean its not all glasses, overalls, tucked in shirt. no no no. its t-shirts, kakis , tennis shoes or sandals and socks. but his hair is short but round kind of poofy.

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hey guys.. I haven't been on in a while.. I missed the site so much. but anyway, just a quick write, im in middle school now. and boy is it hectic. I cried and sang myself to sleep the other night (the songs that helped were the light behind your eyes and the world is ugly, all night long, on replay) because my mom got mad and kept criticizing me and complaining about how im already behind, on the first week of school. that's all she expects tho. perfection. im not perfect. and she says its also because my bf distracts me. heck, im too nervous to even look at him. if I cant even look at him without s****ing bricks, why would I talk to him. it sucks. and it blew me off the edge. (I hope u know what I mean) but anyway.... does anyone else like vampire gerard fan fics...

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school sucks, im gonna try to start a band

soooo.... yesterday, I went shopping at hot topic and body central! bts shopping tho... and afterwards, I went to get my school schedule and meet my teachers. o...my....gawd... I literally almost died waling around that school. I couldn't find my way around ( freaking a,b,c,d,e halls ), and there is a separate building! unbelievable! my first class is in the first building and 2,3,4 are in the second and I have 4 minutes, to get there. the first class is at the front and the exit to the other is allllll the way at the end. im going to HATE middle school! uggggggghhh! but at least im on the same team as my friends and boyfriend... and also its the best team at the school.... lucky me...( note the sarcasm). so ive decided to take guitar lessons! and I have a band I want to start. I already have my drummer, but we need 2 guitarist and a bass player. im the vocals. the band is called Explicit! what do ya think?

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hey killjoys!!!

so how are you guys today? im just on roblox while listening to my mcr albums and stuff. so I drew this comic ( not really great) of a girl version of party poison. except her name is Hypnotic Poison. and she has a crush on him as well. well all of the girl comics I draw do.. cause well, I do.... lol. just saying, I like for yall to comment me a lot. I love reading your comments. so please feel free. just don't make it like " hi hi hi hi hi..etc" and ill post the comic when I get a chance

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okay so on roblox, im always like "SCHOOL SUCKS, START A BAND" or " teenagers scare the living s*** out of me" and everyones like " whats her problem" or " ..." or " we don't care" and im over here laughing cause obviously they have no idea what im talking about

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okay so I have these moments where I just keep staring at the "TOUR" tab while thinking about that song that plays in the anti-animal abuse commercial, and its like im staring at the tab with big watery eyes, hoping.....



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dont know what to do today.

okay so im hangin with my dad today but i dont know what to do. usually i get on his computer (which im doing right now) and watch mcr stuff ( which isnt a bad idea). but today i want to do something different. other times i go to the mall, a whole sale store, or just a buffet. im getting bored of that. what to do. and my dad wont go on rides or crap so yeah. any ideas?

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geez my dad is REALLY spoiling me. my dad had ordered me skeleton finger-less gloves like the one and only, FRONKEH! i literally shred the package to pieces and im wearing them right now! so happy

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hey killjoys!

so ive really been thinking throughout the ENTIRE summer about writing a gerard way/my chem fan fic and recently thought bout making a separate one in the category gerard way/vampires/sirens/monsters (ex: monster high characters but as different band members)/black haired gerard. I don't know if I should or not and I keep losing ideas and changing my mind. and one thing I cannot stand is that I, no matter how hard I try, always end up using my name. im always saying to myself " you gotta change the characters names" cause 1. itll get mixed with a TOTALLY different story that has nothing to do with the other one ( ex: a monster/ fantasy vampire gerard/mcr fan fic with a realistic fiction/gee/my chem fan fic) and 2. I feel like im selfish by not creating a character and using a different name like it always has to be about me... but I hate when I get like that.

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well I meant to say this last time but im new...very very new... so anyway I might need help with some stuff on here, and I wont blog much since nothings really goin on, but im thinking bout ordering a gerard way coffee mug.. :)

getting back to the point..

1. very new (trainee)

2. need help with working things

3. wont post much....

sorry bout that, I don't really think yall care but I don't know... :)