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Alright, so the 31st of May is here, what quotes are you going to broadcast to the world? I'm thinking either "Stay beautiful, keep it ugly"/ "I was killing before killing was cool" or "Stand up fucking tall". What do you guys think???
By the way, I'd just thought I'd show you guys what I look like, cause I just got my new bright red lipstick yesterday and I fucking love it *-*

Awesome Day :'D

Happy Birthday Bandit, again XD
Just had an awesome day. It's abnormally sunny in Scotland (like 27 degrees celcius) and I've just been outside drawing and listening to Danger Days. Heaven :3
But I got a really good tan 'cause I'm half medeterranian. Fuck X3

Happy Birthday Bandit! :D

Happy 3rd Birthday Bandit! Hope it's a great one!....Even if you probably won't remember it XD I saw a picture of her and Gerard and she looks SO much like LynZ, but lets hope for her sake she gets Gerard's perfect nose x]

That moment when you see just how pointless it was.

I keep seeing blogs on here about people struggling with self harm and that was me last month. I mean I'm only 14 yet I've been harming since I was 10.
But MCR is better than therapy and last month when I was watching LOTMS I stopped. Which was just as well because I was on the verge of suicidal and I think it was also to do with a guy I was totally hung up with and war+daddy problems. But I've let go of the baggage and I feel so much happier.
Don't cut over someone else's dirty blood.
It doesn't change anything.

Wow, I'm actually happy now.

(First blog btw) So, I've been pretty much in love with this guy for four years- but on a school trip 2 days ago I realised he was just a sell out and not the guy I used to like. So I'm officially over him.
And when one door closes another one opens my friends...
I was at a shop, and I noticed a guy from my math class looking at the posters- rock posters, oh yeah! I wanted to see if they had any MCR ones, so I asked him if he'd seen any and he had. So he picked it our for me and asked me my name. Andreja.