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Great night

I was at my nan's house putting up xmas decorations and asked her where my roller skates are and she got them from me!not I can bowl around in them all the time xxxx Christmas is very aggravating but I guess it brings my family together. I just came back from skating with my mum and now I'm relaxing with my dog boris and XFM is on and they're playing a kooks song and me and my mum did scary xmas shopping today and I've braided some of y hair and I watched terminator the other day with my mum and her fiancé Jim who is great and I think tomorrow is gonna be pretty good xxx merry Xmas guys!

iPod trauma.

Does anyone know how to call an I pod? Cux on blackberries you can ping them right? Well I was thinking that if you can do that to a bb, then u can do it to an I pod, right? Please help if you know how xxx -1291225 xxx

Happy birthday!!!

Hiya I just joined yey!!! Btw um I saw that person doing something for mcr because of all the things that they've done for us and I just want to say fuck yes!