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Long time no see?

It's probably been literal years since I've made any sort of appearance around here and I'm sad to say that I missed the last days of the band by a mile. I could make excuses, (((oh, I've been so busy, I ruined my family, I was dealing drugs, I had to deal with the complexities and inconveniences of family court))) but what kind of fan would that make me? Certainly not one worthy of your time.

But down to the dirty work, this band has changed who I am. Not to mention quite completely shaken me and whatever idea I had of myself to the core. I won't forget the times I've cried to each stupid song or all the trouble I've created while they cheered me on or the things I've tried and people I've met and the artwork I've ruined because these memories have become me. Of all fourteen years, the ones spent with the band have been the best. And now that My Chemical Romance has come and gone, it feels like someone shot my dog.

So the obvious thing to do is????