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I've been inspired, to start to realize how much good, one single person or group of people can do. I mean, i cant just sit here and watch while Haiti crumbles, no one can for that matter. So, Our school is having a charity. A money race, Each class has a container, students from their own class fill their own container with dollar bills ( $1 = 100pts) and they put change such as pennies and quarters in other classes conatinaers, where they would loose points. (Pennies = -1pt) (Nickle = -5 pts) ex.

Ahhh ... Poerty

What is it about Poerty that makes me so.. Happy? Well.. i think i let all my emotions out, they spill all over thos white sheet of paper, i cant control it! My Emotions Dance on the tip of my tongue and blur around everywhere! Life is one big Poem. Forget "Roses are red Violets are Blue" Make up your own lines and show me what you can do!

HTF~ I've Been Dying to Reach you

More Anthony Green Madness!

The Difference Between Poison And Medicine Is In The Dose - Circa Survive

This is what i have been Listening to while waiting for MCR to return. Its really unique and is now my "Second" Favorite group. The Lyrics and the sound of Anthony Greens Voice is Amazing, but nothing can Compare to Gerard's. Well i hope you like it as much as i do, and you can watch the actual Music video on youtube, and i could not show it due to the gay Copy right law shit. enjoy! 8D

Last Friday My Friend and i went to see, All American Rejects, Taking back Sunday, and Anberlin!! it was the greatest experience of my 15 year old life!!! i will never forget it! So what i want to know what was the best concert you have ever been to Besides MCR xD
In Creative Writing Class!
Yeap I'm In Creative writing class working on a 8 page story, its coming pretty goood, and Yeah, So the Question is What is your Favorite Class in School this year?, Mine is Creative Writing and just woundering whats yours is :)
I was just wonder what you peoples favorite My Chemical Romance song is, i know you have been asked this millions of times, butim bored and curious at the same time. well mine is Helena..:3
Poptart Addiction!!!!
Happy Tree friends!
Whats your Favorite HTF character?
Too Old For Halloween!?
Is it even possible to be "Too old" for Halloween? No its not, IDC Mom Im going trick or treating if you like it or not!...So what are your plans for hallows eve?