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Close Encounter.

Today, as i was chatting with my fellow Killjoy family on the My Chemical Romance facebook page Korse appeared and wrote "Are you running, Killjoys?"
The whooooollllllleeeeee room Flipped out!
Rayguns were pewing and engines were reving.
I must say, it has been the most exciting Facebook chat yet xD

Neon Cyborg drawing

Ignore the 'Hysteria' part lol it was my old name

My Killjoy Bio

Name: Neon Cyborg
Age: 16
Weapons: Raygun, Constricting Jump rope
Location: The Botanicle Garden
Motive: Destroy Draculoids
Style: Bright red skinny jeans, Yellow bandana with a sharpe teeth design over mouth, goggles, black steal toed boots, skeleton gloves, lime green tang top and a black leather jacket with name on the back.

Day 2: 10/19/10

It's been better today. We've finnally reached an outing with enough suplies to help us last a few weeks. But yet, there still hasen't been any sight of life behond zone 6. None of the usual chattering, or reving of engines. its deader then dead... but what can be deader then dead?

Neon Cyborg

Day 1: 10/18/10

The Days seem to become longer and longer... The search is yet endless.
I don't know how long we can keep this up. We're loosing time, quicker then we expected.
We need urgent assistance, zone 6.......

Access Denied.


Every Monday, All Monday, Every Hour or so.
ON Friends or Enemies Radio!
check it out at

Personal Quiz thingy.

[x] I can't go a day without listening to music at least once
[x] I have to go on the computer at least once
[x] I have an obsession with a band besides MCR
[x] I'm shorter then Frank
[ ] I play guitar
[ ] I play bass
[x] I play drums
[ ] I'm in a band
[ ] Me and a friend are trying to start a band
[x] I wish I was in a band
[x] I have never been to a concert
[ ] I've been in a band
[x] I'm addicted to YouTube
[x] I'm always in MCR's website
[ ] I don't care for the Beatles music myself.
[x] I'm bored right now
[x] I hate it when people call me emo or scene ect.
[ ] I don't mind labels
[x] I

Bulletproof Heart?

Uhmm.. Hey Guys it's been awhile.
How has everyone been?
How was your Summer?
Well... Anyway i was wondering if anyone knew when Bulletproof Heart is supose to come out?
Is it coming out before the album or with the album? (Lol well duuh)
If anyone knows, Please fill me in!! I'm dying to know!


Finally after a LONG year of school, the doors are finnally open. Now i can be free to swear, chew gum, and say what ever i want when ever i want! Fuck you teachers O:< I am my own free person, bow before me...

Well any way, i was just wondering what you all were doing this summer, and what kind of things are you going to do on MCR day, which is on the 23rd of July!
As more me, im gonna bake a big as cake..Sing MCR ALL Day and just go crazy ;3

Im Sick... Of the Fucken Haters.

Everywhere i look, there's at-least one Comment about MCR and its usually a hurtful and offensive one. Im a Pretty Open minded person, i Accept what people listen to have have to say, i don't judge them on what they listen to, or judge them at all for that matter. But we, Us MCR Fans get all this shit. Its pointless and dumb to try and change us, nothing ever will. Music is Music, and we'll listen to what ever we want. One big Stereotype .. that everyone has fallen into. Most of the people i talk to, just Say "Emo" When i Bring up My Chemical Romance.