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Bomb Fest 2012

Hey all fans in the New England, Connecticut Area!
So Bomb fest is close. But Sadly My Chem. Doesn't really EVER come to Connecticut..
I mean who would? This place ISS Pretty stuck up and... boring.
But Anyway. The line up for this years Fest is kinda.. well.. iffy.
There are some local bands and a few well known.
But i think it would be FANTASTIC.
If My Chemical Romance could.. Possibly. Preform in next years show.
That would make my life..

Please Help Japan!

I know that almost everyone knows what has been going on in Japan for the last few days. And it's very tragic indeed. From and Earthquake, to a Tsunami, and to a Nuclear explosion/malfunction! We, not only as the MCRmy, but as indiviuals. Need to help in anyway possible. We could fund charities, and all sorts of fund raisers to help them in their time of need. So please, take the time and make a difference. It doesn't matter where you're from. The UK, USA, Argentina, Africa! It doesn't matter. Us as one nation, Should help those who lost so much, no matter who they are.


I can't take this anitcipation any longer!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't it be May 7th!?
Nothing will matter until that day!


Ok so i'm going to the May 7th gig in Jersey. How long should i wait in line to get a good spot?

MCR Quiz.. Thingy

( ) You're born in April
( ) You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
(x) You're a born leader
(x ) You love drawing and you do it well
(x) You love singing
(x) You don't take shit from anyone
(x) You're afraid of needles
( ) You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
(x) You've got siblings and you love them
() You're the oldest child
Total: 6

( ) You're born in July
(x) You play the guitar
( ) You've got a scar on your head
(x) You can't swim
( ) You've got a FRO!!!
( ) You're 6'1"
(x) You're shy
( ) You wear contact lenses
( ) You're called


Circa Survive is my 2nd Favorite bandd... UGH

Radioactive Transmitter?

Anyone have a spare Radioactive Transmitter handy?
I could use one.
That is all.
-Neon Cyborg


So yeah i just found out my mom bought me tickets to see the boys in Jersey! IM SO EXCITED!!!
My first My Chemical Romance concert... 5/7/11 <3
So yeah what show are you attending, and will it be your first?

Day 7: 10/26/10

Hey Killjoys, Sorry i haven't been able to post things for awhile... I've been, How you say "Busy?".
Alot of running around and hiding.
Nothing much else I can really do to stay alive.
My raygun is completely smashed and i have no kind of weapon.. If you have one i can borrow, send it to the outter town on zone 6. Also known as the "Botanicle town".

Day 4: 10/21/10

Today has been one of my better days. The silence has ended. i have finally found my brothers and sisters... well a few of them. We're setting off for Battery City tomorrow.. to try and find more of us.. if you are near zone six, reply and tell me your location. We shall find you.