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I haven't been on here in forever. So here's some G fan-art I just finished. <3

Art Tribute

So a close friend and I are making this piece of art as a tribute to the band. It's no where near done but I hope at least one of the members of the band sees it. I'll most likely post it on here when it's done.

I think we all should create something for the band. You don't have to be an amazing artist to do it.

Fake Your Death

I've listened to the final song over 50 times in a row and I still can't stop crying my eyes out.
What are your feelings on the song? Is it a good ending?

My Chem Tattoo?

I've been meaning to get a MCR tattoo for sometime now. I got my first tattoo back in August and it wasn't as bad as I imagined. I was thinking something from the Revenge Era because it was the album that got me into the bad. But I'm not sure what to get. Any suggestions? I'd love to hear them.

Hey there

It's been so long since I've been on here. I've been so busy with life that it kinda slipped my mind. But anyway, I'm super excited for the new song. I preordered the album like months ago. March just seems so far away at this point. I guess I'll have to be patient.

I never talked about my reaction to the ending of MCR to anyone. It was something that I knew no one would understand, well besides you guys. When I found out yes, I was sad and disappointed. But I was also really proud of the band for making it this far and doing what they love and achieving so much.

Wow It's been awhile

I haven't logged on in here for months! How are you guys? Anything new and exciting?
As for me; I'm going to a comic convention tomorrow and hopefully get the chance to meet the one and only Stan Lee. I'm super excited

I hope you guys have an awesome holiday!

Keep rockin'!

-Neon Cyborg

Oh Look.. I Drew ANOTHER Gerard xD

I really dig Gerard's new hair. A LOT! it fits him well.
So I felt compelled to draw him. c:

Awe yeah.

So I'll be taking some MCR related requests if anyone is interested.

You can check out more of my art here-

Now stronger then ever..

I'm so amazing at how the MCRmy has changed along side the band. I know there has been some disagreements and fighting in the past for this "Family", but there is deeper meaning in the MCRmy. This band and their fans shaped my way of life, I'm not meaning this in a critical way.. I learned to respect people for who they are and not listen to the tabloids and magazines that tell people who they should be. I'm proud me be able to go out in public and not give a fuck what people think. MCR helped me save my own life, they gave me courage.

This post will most likely get shit comments.
But I don't

This IS... Upsetting.

I still have this large and powerful vibe towards some of our 'Younger' Fans..
I know ALOT of you have seen a recent blog of someone cutting the letters 'MCR' Into their flesh..
I Hate talking about someone as obvious as this.. But it makes me extremely sad..
Stuff like this kills the Bands reputation, as well as the reputation of the fans.
I know some people have issues and are depressed.
But there are better ways of dealing with these issues..
It doesn't make us or the band happy to see kids inflict pain on themselves..
Life is something worth living for..
Even if it doesn't seem like

Wow guys.. REALLY?!

Ok so lately I have been reading blogs about how 'MCR can't save your life!'. In a way i agree. But you don't have to literally yell at people for saying it in that manner. Yes it's true that MCR helped save your life. But you don't have to make it sound like it's some horrible thing.
I also see ALOT of people refrence to the band's well.. Younger fans. (I'm not saying ALL fans do this just a few that I've seen lately)
For an Example people quoting. "OMG I LUV U GERARD WAY!!11!"
It isn't funny.
So please.
We're a family and we need to start acting like one.
Thank you.