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To The End..or until Friday

So today was pretty good. Had some fun during recess. Chatted about anime and stuff, and then I go on the bus, so happy to text my boyfriend of 3 days. He didn't text me, which was really odd. So I texted him and he told me that I am a great girl and that it's not my fault, but that he had to break up with me because he didn't think he was ready for a girlfriend yet. So, here I am, heartbroken and on the brink of tears. This is the first guy I was able to date in 2 years, and he left me. I feel so bad right now, like my heart has just been ripped out. To Then End....or until Friday.


So yesterday, my dad entered a radio contest and won tickets to see Green Day!!! We didn't just get any seats. We got the FRONT ROW!!!! The concerts in January!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!




Happy birthday Cherry and Lilly! You guys are growing up so fast


Happy birthday Cherry and Lilly! You guys are growing up so fast

Happy 66th Freddie Mercury!!!!

Today is Freddie Mercury's 66th Birthday!!!!!! If he were still alive......

Profesional Griefers......IT'S FINALLY HERE THE MUSIC VIDEO XD

So, it seems that everyone and their brother are posting about Pro Grieferers music video today. So I thought I'd might join them. Here is the magical video as a gift to you!


HOLY SH*T! We are soo close to the new album release! I can feel it's gonna come any day or month now..... CAN'T WAIT FOR MCR5!!!

Last Day of Summer TT-TT

So, today is my last day of summer, everyone. I plan on just sitting around and playing my guitar for the day. I can't believe summer flew by so fast. It seems that just yesterday I got out of school. Well, at least it's my first day of 8th grade right? Wrong, the 8th graders have to do EVERYTHING for this school. Do all the fundraisers, watch all the kindergarteners, do all the masses (which really sucks because I'm an atheist), the list never stops. I only look forward to music Class since it's pop culture now and not music history & the class trip at the end of the school year.


I go back to school Monday. How fun is that? Of course I'm being sarcastic. My school is soo strict with the dress code that it drives me insane!! No makeup, no bright colored nail polish, no large earrings, only one ear piercing for girls, no shirts that are gothic or ripped jeans.... the list never ends. It's ridiculous! We have a uniform, so when dress down days come they just turn them into spirit days where we have to where our school spirit shirts. I can't wait to get out of this hell.