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HeartagramsToHelena's blog

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My Last Blog

There is not much I can say. There is a lot that I can say. I will end my postings, visiting, words, joy to this site with a story. A few weeks ago I was extremely melancholic. I got to the point where I was going to commit suicide. When I picked up the knife, something grabbed my hand and forced it down. To this day I believe it was my manifestation of loving My Chemical Romance that stopped me. I know some of you may say that My Chemical Romance saved your life, but they truly did save mine. So Long And Goodnight. ~ Helena

I don't know how i feel today

My heart is beating fast at the disagreements behind me, and my legs can't seem to stand. I don't know how to feel today. I know how I felt yesterday. Betrayed and hurt, but I can't change the past. Something's wrong. I feel possessed, but by what? My heart is still racing as I pause to think. If I could describe the chaos I am feeling it would go like this. And I can't help to feel like a lonely veteran, abandoned by the troops. Like a disposable hero, I was born for dying. Aren't we all?

I'll leave you with these last few lines before I wrap it up.


There is this Washington D.C. radio station that is hosting a radio contest to help a fan meet One Direction. Now I know most of us hate the crap outta them, but she really likes them and she is my best friend. Please click on the link below and refresh the page AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE!!!! Each refresh brings another vote and she really wants to win. Seriously guys, I'm counting on you. This means THE WORLD to her, and I wouldn't want to let a friend down.

Social networking crisis

I have joined instagram. Crazy right? I hate social things like facebook and twitter. My best friend encouraged me to get one... So far so good I guess.


How is everybody today? Good I presume? If not you could always message me :D So, my friend and I are growing back together after a HUGE fallout. She's coming over later to watch horror movies, fangirl over some yaoi pictures I found, and read creepypasta with me! LOVE HER TO DEATH NOW! Creepypasta doesn't scare me anymore. I actually find it quite amusing. My god....FOUR DAY WEEKEND KILLJOYS!! Love today. Cleaned my room, played my guitar, burned down some villages on minecraft {endless village trick, ask if you want the secret~}, and now I'm writing a horror story.


I have been obsessed with CreepyPasta lately, and I nearly pissed myself. Usually I can tolerate scary stories, but The Rake scared the crap outta me. I was so scared that I couldn't sleep, but guess what made me feel so much better? I have this signed MCR poster, so I looked over at it, and I felt so much safer. I am so relieved....THANK YOU MCR


The pope is resigning February 28 at 10pm Rome Time
EST 4pm
WST 1pm

Good Morning MCRMY or good afternoon

Hello everybody! Long time no see! Just kidding, 4 days is long enough though. So, how's life? Is the glass half empty, half full, or just a glass of water? I am making the video for my Valentine today, and I'm using the song I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. Thanks for the suggestions! I have all of your suggested songs in my iPod now, and I hope to get into those bands!! Anyway, this week I'm learning the song Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica.


So I am making a video for my crush for Valentines Day. I need a background song.. I would prefer a classic rock song, but at this point I will take anything. I was going to use Summertime by MCR, but then I realized that I had already used that in a video I sent to that person. 2 choices so far: I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith / (I will play the intro to this song and record it) Love Song by Tesla

So, please suggest some songs guys.. I really like this person and I want to make a good impression.