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finnaly, finnaly I had the money to buy danger days :)
and it's great, omg it's such an awsome album!
I never thought my chem could do an album like this! it has some electro stuff in it.. when you compare the older albums with this one, you'll see that they are kind of completely different!
I mean you have this thing in the musik that has every mcr song in it, if you know what i mean but, i don't know, i think it's kind a new era of my chem :)

but i have to say i like it, even if revenge is my favourite album of them :)
(and bullets! i love it!)

^^ cheers


just listend to the new song..

and omg it's awsome!! is there a date when the album is coming up?

i own all the albums, bulltes, revenge and the black parade black edition! (also the first dvd)
so i need this one in my collection!

ok, clam down, i'm overreacting here!

but yeah, my chem <3 (:


do you know this band?
it's f*ckin' awesome ;D

some midnight thoughts

it's nearly midnight, and i'm watching some stupid comedy shows...
and they are really NOT funny! oh god..
and it's weekend, and i'm bored, and there are no partys this weekend.. stupid.

and i lend my black parade limeted edition cd a friend of mine.. and he is to stupid to give it back to me xP

and it's cold outside... and it's may..
i hate austria xP
no, ok.. i like it, i like austria..

does someone know when mcr are going on tour again? on tour in europe?

but it's unintresting so i quite this blog (:

the X's

once, when i was (very) bored, i dressed up like frank, did the make up and so on ...
hope you like it ;)

Hey ho ;D

hey.. yeah.. ah..
ok, i wanted to post a blog, waited some time to get ideas or inspiration.. but.. i didn't it, so i thought, well, just post a blog, may anyone is gonna read it xP
yes.. ok.. start xD
today i was in town, after school, looking around, didn't have any money.. i visited a store, where i sometimes buy t-shirts, looked around.. and.. dramatic musik.. they haven't got ANY mcr shirts! they were such a cool store, but now? a fucking emo-store, i tell you! only diamond necklesses and i don't know, to much emo stuff, i'll never go there again and .. yes, great xP
so.. that was my