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Long Time, no See

Wow.. its been a while..
I'm a bit drunk right now, so it's pretty amazing, that I remembered that I have written some blogs on here..

So much things had changed in this year, i was very, very ill and nearly lost my ability to walk..

Just wanted to say, i'll never forget how MCRs music helped me, even if i didn't hear it for a while now

Hey, Ho my Friends

so, it has been a while since i was on this page the last time.. 2 months.. and really much things had happend ^^

it slowly gets warmer and so i'm finally again in the mood to listen to mcr again, whats really great ^^

and because i thought it was also really great to dye my hair red, even if it was black before, i plan to make a mcr cosplay again ^^

So, have a nice day ^^

PS: Ist hier jemand aus Österreich? (und aus Wien?) Würde mich einmal interessieren ^^

Merry Christmas

A very merry christmas to all of you ^^

Happy Iero-Ween!

Happy Hallo/Ieroween my Friends!

Today, at this really special day it's Frank Ieros Birthday and Halloween! Oh yes, this is great!

I will dress up as a deatheater from Harry Potter, with mask and wand, you know ^^

and then i go hit vienna :D

so, what will you do at this very, very special day? Will you dress up?

P.S.: Here a Picture where I did a kind of Frank Iero Cosplay ^^

Jail for Frank Iero?

Just fund this and OMG this is sick!

They want Frank Iero going to jail because of the lyrics in one of the leathermouth songs!

and they call mcr a pro-suicide band!!!

i am shocked and speechless...

some stuff of this text:

"Emo psychopath Frank Iero has gone too far! Not content to poison the World with his pro-suicide band 'My Chemical Romance', Frank Iero's side project 'Leathermouth' plan to inspire the next Columbine! This is the shocking truth we must now reveal! For the first track on their new debut album 'XO', entitled "5th Period Massacre", aims to do just that!

Here are the lyrics

coffee :D

So, sitting at work again
just had a coffee <3

but I'm so tired!
came home to late, had dinner with my boyfriend at a (to expensive Oo) restaurante

got up at 5 am, and now i feel so... weak xD

after work I'm going to a store for shoes, because mine look like they could fell in their individual parts every second

I love this shoes, and I don't want to throw them away D:

do you know this feeling? you have a thing you love (for example shoes or your favourite shirt) and you don't want to give it away, even if they are nearly broken?

Birthday at the office ;D

Sitting at work and having lunch

and it's my birthday

oh yes, great I know... -.-

But I look forward to the weekend, because my boyfriend and my best friends planed a party for me :D

so, what are your plans for this weekend?


I want a killjoy movie!

what do you think?

The Conzert

I know I'm a bit late, because the conzert was on the 27th of june but i had to work and my computer is going to die, so i write this blog now :)

the conzert was just AMAZING!

really, it was the best conzert i've ever been to!

i saw everything well and MyChem are an awesome live band!

some girls collapsed even before they stated playing and most of them were camping outside the conzert hall the whole day

poor girls xP
and nearly everyone had red hair
but only one girl had the same colour as Gee

sum 41 was crap, but only because i don't like this band but yes, it's a great compromise when i

they'll come!

and now, finally, finally, MCR are goning to visit Vienna :D

going to buy the tickets on saturday!

I wairted so long and now there only 2 months left!

hope it's going to be a great evening with some great friends!
yay ;D